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President of China meets with his leader, participating in the import show


Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait, invited by Chinese President Xi Jingping, will arrive on Friday afternoon in China's major cities and seventh largest cities.

The president hopes that this visit will open new opportunities for Lithuanian businessmen to get to the giant Chinese market.

Anchois's scheduled meeting is chairman of Lithuania and China. Heads of state in the billionaire Chinese market discuss bi-directional rice, new export opportunities for our products. China-EU cooperation, climate change and global trade, as well as the efforts of the international community, receive messages to ensure peace and stability in the world.

Mrs. Grybauskai is also attending the first international Chinese import exhibition and will hold Xi Jinping for a dinner party. It is planned that 16 foreign government and government leaders will attend the exhibition at opening events.

The President of Lithuania opens one of the three major trade fair and exhibitions and speaks speculatively about the financial technique at the Fintech enlargement event.

The exhibition presents its products in 130 countries and more than 2800 languages.

China's first international import of China launches a new stage for the world's largest exporter, China is now taking concrete steps to open its market to other countries. This is a new opportunity to export Lithuanian products and expand Lithuanian business, which is discussed in the Presidential report.

At the exhibition, the president visits the national Lithuanian pavilions and meets with his business. In this exhibition, there will be two pavilions in Lithuania, where 18 products will be presented: A pavilion will be destined for food products. Chinese consumers are given the opportunity to get acquainted with the Lithuanians with bread, milk, pastries and other foods. The second pavilion introduces Lithuanian textiles, garments, textiles and interior design products.

Lithuanian manufacturers are already very successful in competing in the Chinese market. In addition, Lithuanian laminated producers account for 12% of total exported aluminum to China. Three laser manufacturers have established their own representation in this area, completing the report.

The two-way trade between Lithuania and China amounted to billions of euros last year, Lithuania has grown rapidly, while our exports exported only 50% last year.

Economy Minister Giedrius Surplys visits China this week saying that this huge business is interested in importing Lithuanian products to the free market of beekeepers, broilers and animals for the Lithuanians and the Chinese prefer organic and higher added Lithuanian products.

The chairman's report suggests that Ancho's exhibition, which includes the president, opens up new opportunities for the Lithuanian Fintech sector as well. Mrs Grybauskait will speak on a separate financial technology development event, which will hold 50 contacts with Lithuania and the EU concerned with the EU.

During the Fintech event, the agreement between the National Bank of Lithuania and the Bank of China is about cooperation in banking supervision and the promotion of innovation in the financial sector.

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