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Rated: Marousus and Lucas legendary pop hit "Time"


Maroonas Vitalskis and Lukas Padukaska revitalized the "time" of one of the most famous Lithuanian singers of all time. Twenty years ago, Lucas joined the magazine Virgilius Noriaca.

It is symbolic that the place of Mauro's being made Maranas today. V. Nobody called her successor.

"In December this concert tour I hosted the" World Classics Hits "program I wanted to include in Lithuanian pop classics." At the moment, "I heard a legend and I went to Lukki and went to the new edition of the new version of everything and the clip," – said Marunas.

"When we filmed the video, we tried to show how our Vilnios had changed the 20 years period and how much technology improved, so the most beautiful clip clips shot a cross around a glass skyscraper." In 1998, when we had a "time" clip, We were glad to have found the amusement park with lights near the bus, but the city did not see itself. "

"Time" is an extraordinary part of Lithuanian pop music history. Twenty years ago this song was a brave test. And then the classical world was far from pop music. "We've wasted a long and probably bad word, and in Lithuania's" time ", people have never used to sing with classical performers," remembers Luke.

Twenty years ago, Lucas, the author of Time Music Martinez Puchovasius and Word Maker Justus Mwenwas, did not think this song would be very popular. They did not believe that they would agree with the Maestro Vigiliges to do it. But Opera's fame has become a very simple and widespread person. That's why both of them have succeeded. "V. Noor always said to me: Do not be afraid to interact with young people and experiment with you, you will stay modern, and this is a way to show respect for my teaching, and once again," says Mannus.

He remembered the "time", then the teenager felt a big impression. "I heard in my friend's car, I feel in the radio: I've been away from the moon before the life of my life, but when I heard the" time ", I thought I should not be the classics for the first time in my life. This song is Masters Part T construction ", – said merunas.

Meron asked it "World classical hits" in December, compared to sports: "I'll have vocals fitness at this time, I've found a lot of intercourse between sports and the bass which is studying the same muscles, my muscles out of the outer space. Muscles e Advertisers will be asked. Vilnius, the three major "World Classics" program kanas, klaipeda and we had planned at first. But in small cities and cultural centers began to be called, and asked them to forget all that. So we decide to connect a string of small towns aranayilekk with the Quarterly Iccu. "

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