Friday , June 18 2021

Reversing Serious Wizards Signal: The team is considering the possibility to change bee and tail

The Washington Wizards team won five wins and 11 defeats in the National Basketball Association (NBA) season. Leaders of these commanders plan to think about the serious changes.

The teams are said to have opened for suggestions Bradley Bilow And John WALLOW Although the Exchange Wisards teams were prioritized, the game's demand for a failed game has been indicated.

B Beliik, a 25-year-old 196 cm younger, has 21.5 points in 34 minutes. 4.6 score. After 3 consecutive times transfers.

The 35-minute 193 cm J Vavlow stadium had a lead of 20.9 points. At 7.9 in the last minute and 7.3 points behind.

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