Saturday , September 24 2022

SpaceX will launch around 12,000 satellites around the Earth


SpaceX and its founder Alon Musk are talking about the plan to create a satellite network for the first time for internet connectivity.

It seems that these plans are becoming a reality – the US Federal Communications Office has authorized the introduction of approximately 12,000 satellites.

According to information released by the service, satellites grow in the middle of 2019 and the entire network should be completed within nine years and by the end of 2027. Satellites will be able to fly around the Earth in orbit 335-346 kilometers, which will be slightly less than the international space station. Using the current optical cable, they should be fast internet connection, because the electromagnetic signals in the cables are air or about a third is slow in the vacuum. The signal transmitted by satellites will take a little extra distance, but will take less time.

In addition, the satellite will deplete the connection faster than the Internet's physical connection point, so the connection will also work in outer areas, the ocean and in the same space.

So far, SpaceX has not released specific information about the orbit of its satellites, but it is expected that many of them can focus between the hemisphere between 47 and 52 degrees – most of these large online shopping centers are located in the latitude, especially with the speed of the link.

Another important aspect of this news is the number of satellites. So far, only about 8,000 satellites have been launched by people, of which almost a third of the satellites are still running. If SpaceX executes its plans, the number of satellites in Earth's atmosphere will increase by half an hour. There is a big problem with such satellites – their failure. Small satellites made by SpaceX usually serve for about five years, so it can be that the company needs to update its satellites every five years. This is not only the financial challenges but the spread of space crash. Perhaps the Space Internet Space Debates or the Satellite Service and will promote progress in the long run.

In this way, SpaceX is not the only company planning on the Internet, many people struggle behind it, from telecom Samsung and Telicet to Facebook, Google and the wide Boing.

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