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Telephone fraud attacks: How can they protect themselves?


Reminds that broken calls from Mozambique and Congo numbers in Tsunami in Lithuania use all possible means to rely on people, businesses, communicators and operators. These methods include dozens, many of whom are in contact with Lithuanians. So how do you recognize betrayers?

Telephone fraud attacks: How can they protect themselves?

"United with an estimated tens of thousands of US telephone fraud related to the US for all the destruction around the world. Just the way you use lights on phone numbers from a foreign country. They are used to the reliability and habits of the people: call back the missed call is detected, relates to a number in the SMS, a close Friend It is the occasion of the visit to a Miss or a friend to help confirm the prize-winning via SMS with a special code. Sometimes it is the exploitation of the flaws in the hardware. Is important for people to distinguish between the mouse and corn, cerukkunnilla of pressure or the temptation, "Tele International Business Manager Darius misarais He says.

Over the past weeks, people reminded people not to respond to all missed calls, just as the princes have ignored the e-mails. Record of millions of values. Most importantly, be careful about the smokers' frequency, and inspect people's credibility. So what kind of phone fraud practices are popular in Lithuania and the world?

It uses man's innocence

Often, Lithuania's phone providers are facing loss of phone money, Internet banking, bank cards, personal information, phone officials, bank officials, business people and relatives. More rare cases – when people try to impose certain products or services. In both cases, signs of fraud are issued. People can call official offices for state agencies or companies, if you talk about a friend or relative, you should contact him directly.

People should be alert not only to respond to calls but by sending SMS messages. Because in some cases they may feel better. In Lithuania, SMS messages sent to a person through a small cut tariff number, which subscribe to the services and charge a few euros fees from their account each week.

"Call the people to send messages to themselves, such as, for example, the lottery and having the luxury smartphone to offer. There is a case for creating such messages, the phone will automatically click on an online ad -" Send "button is required. We will prevent fake lotteries and services to our klayanrukalkkayulla South Africans, but a new case can be resumed at any time, so we've always wanted to know about our vidagd'dharekkuricc our klayanrukalekkuricc, "D. Mezaris recalls.

Scammers can send SMS messages. When sending SMS messages for banks, you should inform any changes or responsibilities of the people, and request more information to call the mentioned phone. After collecting, the scammer will attack the handset trying to withdraw individual bank cards or online banking data.

If you have posted an ad on the Internet to sell or purchase something, you can send an SMS or a call to the scammers. The purpose of this fraud is to take care of a person's product without taking into consideration or sending out the offered purchase. In such cases, it is easier to protect yourself from fraud by directly interacting directly with the seller or seller.

You can not protect yourself from all of the attacks

Calling or forwarding SMS messages at premium rate will be automatically automated using automatic gadgets. These processes are taking place in the background, and people can not see or stop it. Gadgets performing such activities are removed from trusted gadget stores, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play, but people should note which permissions are installed on the app. For example, if the calculator asks access to SMS and call management, you should look for another. In addition, installing gadgets from reliable sources has a high risk. However, this type of fraud is observed globally and detects the number of harmful blacklists that are internationally blocked.

The phone is fraudulent when traveling. If the phone is connected to a trusted operator network, this section of this call will not suggest where it should go. For example, when you call homeowners in African countries, the hand set is lifted, but you finally hear the "hello" and extraterrestrial music. By dialing the money already, you can connect with the second subscribers, but the first call is charged and the local operator or broker enters your pocket.

This is known as the "Know the Answer Supervision", and people can not save themselves more than operators in those countries. These cases are very rare and may exist only in foreign countries. This is not entirely relevant in Europe because our operators have agreed on the low-cost roaming tariffs on our continent, as well as the large, well-known companies in many countries. In other countries, the operator has more partnership, and his customers are less likely to face such problems, "says D. Meziris.

Telephone fraudsters will try to gain profits from not only the people but also the communicators. For example, business customers have telephone calls known as Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which can cut large calls to specific countries, networks or special numbers to receive revenue from chargers for incoming calls between operators. If you find such cases, tell the operator about them.

Reservation is not shame

"Two things are important in the fight against all vancakaruteyum. First of all, it is the experience of operators – CONSCIOUS kurrakrtyannalekkuricc a different type of enterprise, partners, efficient, suraksitamayavarkk anubhavappetavunnatuman consumers. Secondly, people's awareness of the natural shield. People suspected of equivalent His reports, the contribution of our experts peatuvidyabhyasattin: vaiphaiyilekkulla connection will be insecure or unknown, it is necessary to set up a password to unlock the visadikariccukeatuttal school children in school., – d.

Television experts carefully consider your phone phones and keep your phone the same as any other asset: use passwords, stop strangers, do not call unknown numbers, and lose your account – your account is blocking and changing passwords.

Due to unexpected costs for mobile, people keep their credit limit. New tia customers have a limit of 100 euros, which can be increased or decreased by calling operators.

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