Monday , May 29 2023

The Arabs were killed in a mice in Morocco


On Monday, British Health Service reminds passengers to communicate with animals in countries where they have been found to be from Asia, Africa and Africa.

Tincture produced in Great Britain is mainly destroyed, but it still spreads in some bats.

"Because of this, there is no risk for the general public, but the healthcare workers and patients (patients suffering from disease) are being tracked for precautionary measures and if they need to be given the vaccine," said Mary Ramsey, the immunization unit of the health service. Ramsi)

A cat was reportedly bitten by some people a few weeks ago, the Press Association reported. Life insurance is not provided in time.

Rabbits are a viral disease that develops brain inflammation. From the moment when the first symptoms appear, the disease is usually not healed.

The UK health service indicates that since 1902 there are ill people including bats.

In Scotland, one of the victims was killed in a Bag Attack. Five people were affected by the disease between 2002 and 2017.

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