Wednesday , March 3 2021

The NVIDIA Giant Grip-hunter technology is not the one that holds the currencies of the business

Nvidia's value in the end of 2017 is less than $ 100 billion. Friday's price fell 18.8 percent, and now the campaign is $ 164.4. In September, stock price reached $ 280.

What happened when investors began shaking the Technologies giant's stock – publish results were worse than expected.

Nvidia has offered a $ 2.7 billion set, which predicts $ 3.4 billion. The processor for the graphics processor has been selling over 7 per cent more than last year.

The market flows after a sharp rise

The last kryptovaliut has been a great need for boom video cards. Within a few months, Crop audio manufacturers gained faster Nvidia video cards to close the new Google Kaptanists, such as Ether.

However, Ether costs about $ 1,400 in January, currently spending $ 173.

The same video card that last year was $ 60-80 per month, which is now cutting the value of $ 10 – unpaid power tariffs.

As a result, kryptovaliut cashiers do not understand now to buy expensive equipment.

What's more, video cards compete separately with special ASIC devices to mess up the cryptolet.

So Nvidia's golden core was wiped out.

NVIDIA now stands up to a large stock of video processors. Nvidia's manager Jensen Huang explained: "In the third bite, there are additional stocks after the surplus comes."

Although the price rise is expected, the price is now falling, and "customers will be bought and bought."

Colt Cresce, Colt Christy, director of Corporate Affairs, said: "The company's product gaming business does not comply with expectations. Stocks are rising because of the outdated ക്രെരെട്ടോയിവിറ്റി ബൂം. Kryptovaliut cassette players have significantly reduced the price of video cards significantly faster than expected.

Nvidia introduced the next generation of GeForce RTX video cards. They are the most expensive and designed for the most intricate computer gamers in the autumn. However, most stocks are older generation of mid-range graphic processors.

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