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The possibility of starring in the eyes of the Creator

The Union Vidas Gustitity-Bubin of the Lithuanian Independent Writers, Algardas Rudiviouisz, published the third book "Erškėtrožių vanta", a collection of comics and planning. Vida epigram created the epigrams of the creative legacy of Algirdas.

Answer questions

V. Gustavite Babnine was created as "virtual wans" – last year cartoonist A. Radhavilarius published two characters and cartoons. And so, woman It was necessary to use Radhavasis' creative heritage, daughter of Zolant Tribunda. By the way, it is the fifth cartoon master A. Radliviwicchio would have been a book.

The readers of this third and authors are volunteered to come up with different answers and find answers to various topics. For instance, what kind of children are the crosses when a baby is born and when a baby is born, how can the child touch the museum's feet falling in the taxi workshop, who endeavors? The book's writers are thoughtful, sold, distorted themes or present things an unexpected approach is drawn. This design design is a feature of two authors of the author's authors.

He chose cartoons

V. According to the Gustitity-Buben, she is the club's "Golden Rose" of the poets of the Kaunas Sialia Community Community Poet, which is especially fascinating. Radlila Vivasus was founded.

These acquaintances have had an impact on the beginning of the joint work. But expert does not dare to accept the head of the extraordinary epigrams in his poem. If Alexes Dallascus did not "bless" many of his first lessons in this creative bar many years ago. That is why the poet V. Just a few years ago Lithuania cartoonist Association member "Slutos" accepted the co-operation agreement called International Radhakrice to International Cartoon Water.

The old man agrees – an ardic cartoon of ARDVillowsians is the first to create an epigraph. Developers are very close to the usual dialogues of these characters, which can be carefully concealed, but is commonly known. Cartoons were selected from the creative legacy of the big cartoonist.

Ereremiab book

The creative abandonment of the cartographer is full of cartoons with her own lone dialogues, in which case Vida learns to leave Vidya's pictures. Some of them can be considered even without drawing. For example: "Do not be afraid / despair – or start / get up … to get up" or "unhurt / slick / whose name / kGG". However, this book contains a lot of cartoons.

V. They give pictures of the pictures of the Gusty-Buchanan pictures to their epigrams or contemporary colors, which translate the meaning of cartoons. One of the naked ponds reflecting the name of the book is thinning. The moral epigraph explains this episode for Vida: "If you do not make yourself from the heart, it will help / help!" Here is the view of an unexpected and unique caricarist in a megapixel. "Old – Viagra / Tablet, and / Toothbrush / Face Glow" and a similar offensive comment.

In the Mental Book of Knowledge, its creators are cautious, boring, sometimes spurious, often laughing with tears, but never harassing them. The first anniversary of the artist's cartoonist A. Radvilasius indicates that this interesting book is written by his daughter Jalantu and their gravity-bookin.

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