Monday , May 29 2023

This weekend, three asteroids and a strange comet pass through the Earth


The collision with the comet of the earth does not have any harm, since when it reaches our planet's atmosphere, it will be just a hump-star.

It is possible that there would be no limit to collisions with earth's comets when it reached our planet's atmosphere, and it was a burning star.

NASA has three large asteroids and a comet. From this weekend to the earth is encircled. The 2018 VS1 asteroid will leave at 14:03 with the first 1 386 771 km. Saturday

Experts from California say the size of its size ranges from 3.65 to 27.7 meters. There are no risks associated with an asteroid land. If so, the consequences will be bad.

The second asteroid, the size and speed of the planet, is the safest distance of 5.02 million km.

However, the third asteroid is very close. The CX1 asteroid will move from Earth to 1821. Saturday is just 381,474 kilometers away. This is even less the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

Objects around the Sun will help to approach the earth from time to time.

"The" nearest "astronomical orbit from the nearest" human "perspective can be pointed out: even millions or millions of kilometers," the American Space Agency has warned.

If it is not enough, it will be mixed with the comet of the skull and the skull shape.

Officially it is called "2015 TB145" in 2015, and it was the last after Earth after October 31, 2015. This time, our planet will be 486 022 km, about 1.3 km by dividing the Earth and the Moon.

This unusual look is actually the life of the sun-starred comet. A comet is surrounded by millions of years around our star.

Its diameter is 700 meters.

This asteroid is mainly rocks and metals. Meanwhile, comets are made of ice and rock.

Hollowian, also known as cosmic rock, mentions the term of death as the title of a comet, so it is dead & # 39; Has become.

When it is connected to the earth, it does not cause any harm, because when it enters our planet's atmosphere, it will be a drop of dust.

However, there is nothing to fear of a comet or three other asteroids mentioned above.

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