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Winter canned vegetables are essential sources of vitamins

Protection against cold diseases

Cold vegetables are like a cold season cookie. From winter to winter you have everything you need to protect your body. Ideat Metallucci, a nutritional health scientist, says it needs to have the benefits of eating vegetables and nutrition in the daily menu to minimize weather activity and reduce bodybuilding.

"Vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and consists mainly of water. Pribayeattiks, and the abundance of preabayeattiks helps the absorption of the digestive system, promotes the production of good bacteria and, at the same time ensures that the body strong to fight against diseases. It tends to benefit from the material in the winter calving Frugally is a natural source of vitamins, "- A. Matulevičiūtė says.

TIN vegetables – just not decorated

If you do not know how to get vegetable-added vegetables in your diet, the health adviser suggests this.

"Think of what kind of vegetables you like, other food items you eat, and how to eat your own fried vegetables. After reviewing these aspects, add lemon and lemon vegetables daily in daily diet like lipid beet or cucumber-like Lithuanian cuisine You can start with simple things that are commonly found, "a. Muthulevicuti says.

Winter canned vegetables are essential sources of vitamins

It is important to remember that the main thing is to eat a variety of vegetables and bread using bhaksyavastukkalanenna: "I recommend you do a variety of different types of resources kutticerkkanum patrannaluntakkanum them in your home. One of the main dish is decorated with a alankaravastuvayi canned vegetables. The daily dishes, vegetables, Com Trying to put, imagination, use and improvement. This method contains different vitamins and nutrients to the body. "

Save the virus from juice

Customer's wishes and traders also look at the useful materials in the cold climate. BETASAS COOKOSCYTTY, ITC's network operator, sells sales of wholesaler when it comes to winter.

"We are very eager to choose low calorie, vitamin-saturated vegetables that are being eaten or cooked by consumers during the winter season, and we note that the most popular choices for consumers are sample cucumbers with traditional and tinned cabbage," – says C Čaikauskaitė.

There are some ways to add tinted vegetables in your menu. B. According to Čaikauskaitė, kitchens are particularly discreet, preferably in the kitchen, canned vegetable fruits, which are used as a remedy for viruses in combination with various dietary supplements.

"The buyer creates a soup, salad, or drinking water juice, trying to get cold resistance," b. Chikosskit says.

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