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After finding KFC techawe chicken, the pregnant woman has a horrible inner green


It was awful after a pregnant woman got green inside her inside the chickens from her KFC lacquer.

The channel invented a pet-hen after Jackson ordered her family to order two Mighty Buckets for her family from Lexide KFC Drive-Thru in Scanthrop, Lincolnshire.

But, she shared something wrong with separating her to share with her 15 month old daughter.

"As I was watching from inside, I knew it was not right. Luckily though I did not bite it," said the channel to Grimbsbylene.

"I'm not sure why that color was, but I knew I did not eat it, especially as I was 30-weeks pregnant.

"I share with her 15 month old daughter because she came out of popcorn chicken, and I do not know what would have happened if she had eaten it.

The pictures show that chicken skin was green

"We checked the rest of the chickens, but it was only part of the color."

At the time she was with her young daughter Lilirna and partner Craig.

After reaching the staff, the channel says that in view of the abdominal curling, they said: "Oh God …"

It was transferred – but it was found that she and her family no longer have hunger.

"I do not eat much after that, and we have left many chickens," she said.

KFC says that green skin is a rare side effect that is not harmful

"We can find it and find out why it might be color, and lots of worrying things have been found.

"I think I might be away from KFC after this."

The fast food chain has said that off-copper color is a rare side effect and consumers are not at risk of any health.

A KFC spokesman said: "We have seen it in and when it's not good to look at, it is completely harmless and comes as a result of working with fresh chickens.

"She said that we are sorry for the experience of the channel and when our team members found her she immediately refunded it."

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