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Anwar: The stream in the upcoming Randhoud poll for Pingoligo


SRK: If the PSRP decides to withdraw support in the upcoming Randouin by-election, it is a "rigorous difficulty". Newly elected party president Adar IbrahimPicture).

In the 14th General Elections (PRRR), Dr. Anwar explained that the stall was first in the field. Anir said the Election Commission has no right to vote in the election.

"In my opinion, he is a candidate, ignoring the opposition in the process, and then judges a judge (Special Election Court).

He was speaking at a press conference at the Adivasi Convention Center (IDC) in the concluding session of the 13th PKR National Congress. .

In the German parliament, a special election court ordered to win the election of Duttuk Seri Mohammad Hasan of Anumos.

However, Anwar said he was not calling for a candidate to nominate a candidate in the Radau by-election to go through various stages of the party's choice of party candidate.

"I can not take any decision until I get the comments of Kabang (division), administration and leadership," he said. Referring to the party's Supreme Council (MPP), he said.

When Ratanu was accepted as the stalwart of Malai Muslim voters, Anwar said he should not consider contesting the candidate in Malyye.

"We want to give place to Chinese, Indian and other peoples in the PKR so that we can create new scams and can not use the angels alone.

For instance, Indian voters have the most population in some regions, so it is unworthy to ignore that fact, "he said.

Former PKR from Port Dickson MP handed baton to the party after helping the party since 1999. Former President, Daniel Cherry, Dr. Anwar is Van Azeezawa van Ismail.

The NOT was submitted to the NIO on 28th April. Doctors deny admission as part of the day

On May 23, the Election Commission filed its election petition. He asked for a by-election seat.

53% Malay, 19% Chinese and 27% Indian Registered Voters at the Ranaduwa Stadium.

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