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Big risk for type 2 diabetes


Thursday, November 27, 2018 (Healthy News) – If you've got a sweet tooth, but you're worried about type 2 diabetes, you can leave sugar-free beverages.

New research suggests that by drinking sugar-like drinks like cola, the risk of type 2 diabetes is even greater than the sugar found in your fruit or 100% fruit juice.

According to the study's author Dr. John Sevenpiper, associate professor at the St. Michael's Hospital in Canada and staffing physician and St. Michael's Hospital, "Not all foods are made equal."

"We have synthesized all the trials available, keeping in mind the various food sources of sugar and blood sugar control, and sugar-sweet drinks are actually coming out as an adverse effect," he explained.

Sivanipir says that 100 percent of the fruits can be healthier if they do not add more calories to the diet.

"Fruit juice can complement fruit and vegetable remedies," he noted, "if you use the juice of fruits to stay hydrated, then there is little risk."

Meanwhile, he found safety in the blood sugar levels providing important nutrients and fiber in the fruit, he said.

The effects of sugar in the diet have been debated for decades. In recent years, high-fructose corn syrup (a concentrated form of sugar used in many products, including mild drinks) and discussed in the United States based on discussion by the parallelism of obesity and diabetes. Study writers.

To see which type of sugar is used type 2 diabetes is at risk, researchers have reviewed data from 155 nutrition studies. Focused on the effects of food on blood sugar levels among people with diabetes and diabetes. In this study, volunteers were supervised for 12 weeks.

Investigators have found that the juice of fruits and fruits seemed particularly beneficial to control insulin and blood sugar, especially in people with diabetes, as long as they did not provide more calories in the diet. Therefore, if one needs 2,000 calories a day, it is probably good to maintain its weight, a small glass of orange juice that does not cause the person to go beyond 2,000 calories.

But the low nutrients in the diet, such as sugar-sweetened drinks and the juice of fruits that provide more calories in food, seem to have harmful effects on blood sugar levels, researchers said.

"If you consider your daily calorie allocation, you do not have enough calories, so it is important to think about what to give to food. Foods that do not have fiber-like redimmable qualities are actually considered to be critically important Sugar-Salt The drink is pure calorie only, "Sivanipir said.

It explains that it is important to consider whole foods. For example, if you are eating a high fiber cereal that contains a little sugar, "he is probably right", he said.

Samantha Heller, a registered dietitian at NYU Langon Health, reviewed the findings.

"Sugar is a part of healthy diet, such as fruits, and is essential for life – we need it for fuel for the cells and muscles. We do not have to do much to processed food. We need less processed food. Said, & # 39; stop being well with real food & # 39 ;.

"It's all about balance. The fruits are part of a healthy, balanced diet. It's full of antioxidants and fiber, but like any other food, fruit can be a problem when we eat it more," added Heller.

This review was recently published online BMJ.

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Source: John Sevenpiper, M.D., Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Staff Physician, St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto; Samantha Heller, MS, R.D., NYU Langon Health, New York City; November 21, 2018, BMJ, Online

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