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China Learning Center – Asen Plus – Bruce Lee Hong Kong Mansion


The following year, Hong Kong's Kung Fu Lee Bruce became the Chinese learning center for lei, mandarin, and music courses.

The only owner of a charitable trust in Bangladesh is founded by U pang-lin. After the rehabilitation, the Komban town of 41 kumbber land road was retained by the external structure.

Punk chi-ping and Yu's grandchild said: "We have made Malang a center for learning in China next year, and Mandarin is offering courses like Chinese music for kids."

He said the 5,699 sq ft reconstruction works are progressing. Classes will begin in September next year, he said. 400 children from the kindergarten to secondary school will be trained at the center every year.

He said: "We will keep the mosaic placed on the back of the wall around the wall of Brossi Lee."

Classes can be conducted in future Marshals. Ping said that Lee's name will be used to promote the reconstruction site. Because they do not get the image rights of the last Kung Fuji.

Lee, who was born in USA, taught lethal arts in Hong Kong and acted in a number of martial arts before returning to the United States, where he was 18 years old. On July 20, 1973, he spent 32 years at Koulon Tonk Mansion along with his family.

Selling a house house in the 1970s, Uuping-Lin decided to sell and sell in 2008. In that year, Sichuan earthquake raised funds for victims. But when the owners persuaded him to love Facebook, he realized that he liked Lee as a craze nest. The house was used as a short-term accommodation hotel.

Hk. The Trust, worth 10 billion wealth ($ 1.28 billion) contributes to scholarships to universities in Hong Kong and financing students from poor families.

"We will also consider programs for providing subsidies to secondary and primary students in the future," said Pong.

After completion of the deadline for the legitimate formalities of his grandfather's estate, he said, "The poor will start targeting the poor people.

The tranche will begin next month. 60,000 packages offer biscuits, towels and umbrellas. The project will cost HK $ 3 million.

He died in 2015 after an unknown illness in Shenzhen, China. He was 92.

Bruce Lee passed away at 91, making filmmaker Raymond Chau

That year, he asked the High Court to announce the VU on July 21, 2011, and his entire estate also gave Charity "the ultimate end and the ultimate will."

He told the court to override the two organs raised by Poo Ah Fan and Peran Pang San-han.

In March, the HC verdict was confirmed. The case proved to be a "substantial part of human personality".

Hunan Province You You moved to Hong Kong in 1958. She worked as a toilet cleaner a few times before the hotel and property department. He was one of the 14 greatest britrants in the world Time Magazine.

"His grandfather made a pledge to donate his full wealth to him and would not lie if he does not wish his will," said Ping Chi Ping. "I asked the court to show my devotion to my grandmother's will."

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