Monday , July 26 2021

Component devices such as LG Hops, Flex, Fold, and Duplex on a fondable smartphone bandwagon

There are lots of things around the word "fondable" this "last few days". Samsung already works perfectly for basel-less displays, so they have also planned for a convertible smartphone. Reports suggest that the convertible device by Samsung is expected to be officially released in 2020 but we hope to see an overview of what Samsung is doing next year.

Directed by people on Engadget, LG applied for three smartphone names of Flex, Foldie and duplex at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It is expected that the tech giant will use it to name their future devices, but the names themselves attach an interesting story. The words Flex, Fold, and Duplex lead to a single conclusion and are the imagery of a fondable smartphone. LG has been the best with display innovation from 8 or TV to Flexible OLED Panels. The brand has gained worldwide popularity and it is clear that they want to pass it on their smartphone.

Dubbed devices such as LG Hops, Flex, Foldie and Duplex 2 on Folldable Smartphone Bandwagon
Source: Phone Designer

If LG believes that creating a fondable smartphone in the future, it puts Samsung's endless plan to put premium market space in the corner. Foldable phones will act as a rival to Samsung and critics will most likely directly compare them. However, there will be several factors that determine the actual winner. LG has been exceptional with their display technologies, but there has not been a drop in numbers in their smartphones. On the other hand, Samsung has a huge experience with the smartphone and it is known to bring the best on the table.

In addition to this, Samsung works with Google for its foldable flagship software. LG definitely wants to promote Samsung in all fields, but to defeat a manufacturer like Samsung, they will most definitely need to pursue their game. However, this concept has not been successful in working with brands such as LG and Samsung in the past years, even things will be interesting. Moreover, competition between premium smartphones will help customers reduce retail prices. As we have learned, the competition creates a better experience and a better experience for customers.

By 2020, by the increase of 250% in flexible ODD sales, we expect more and more manufacturers to focus on the next bigger trend and disclose customer support. Chinese brands are invading internationally, it seems that the older players of the game have to choose a strategy change.

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