Friday , October 7 2022

Crypto's US $ 700bn Swannon Blood & # 39; Electronic Cash & # 39; The dream


On Thursday, December 10, 2015, this arranged photo in Danbury, UK contains a collection of bitcoins. (Bloomberg picture)

Madrid: The world's largest digital coin promises to make life "electronic cash", but bitcoin and emulators fall into the shadows of its traditional payment services.

Funk Engulfing Cryptocurrences now sends the total value of the 100 largest tokens in almost half of Visa Inc.. In January, they had roughly three times the credit card Goliath.

This fall represents the trial against early cryptocurrence advocates, who made it challenging for the selection of Visa and Mastercard Inc. Some analysts, established payment systems became an ambitious benchmark for digital coins.

If the speed is needed, then traditional players are still in the upper hand. Seven to eight transactions of betoacon compare with visas of more than 65,000 visas. Meanwhile, most of the current bitcoin transactions are now for investment or speculation rather than buying luxury items or holidays with Satoshi Nakamoto, an ancestor of Electronic Cash.

So it is important for many investors to speed up the crypto transactions. Twitter Inc Co-founder Jack Dorsey and Tesla Inc. Mark O & # 39; Brian, who has left the investor Bill Lee for advising on electronic-money as CEO of Visa UK, in 2014, is a list of analysts to bid money or an expert to that end. Startups

Bitcoin, including 14% of Monday's underground, has reduced almost 75% this year. According to data from, the total market value of cryptocurrences dropped by 85% from its peak in early 2000, out of which data for more than 2,000. It's about $ 711 billion.

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