Tuesday , August 3 2021

European Super League: Asim Begovic gives judgment on shock plans – exclusive

European Super League:

European Super League: Asymar Begovic has spoken on a new contest (Pic: GETTY)

Today, against Bournemouth goalkeeper Lines Arsenal – one of the Premier League clubs, which was involved in secret negotiations with foreign counterparts about the exclusive Breakaway League.

In the best of all the disaggregated and strayed, highly controversial topics will incorporate the reaction of Begovic.

Why two Manchester Clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool might be thinking of running away from the Progressive Premier League at the moment, they are completely and completely out of it.

Because it suffers from stress, the current state of the game – both mainland land on our loaded coast and abroad – is visible in unstable health in Europe.

"I do not see why you want to change anything"

Asymir Begovic

And for the VIP Euro League, the message of Badovic is easy to push: if it's not worth it, do not fix it.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Stopper said: "I'm not sure what their purpose is because the top clubs and all leagues in Europe are doing well at this moment.

"They are well-set for big clubs to play in the Champions League. It's a very, very popular competition. We all love watching the Champions League.

"So I say things look good right now. I do not think you want to change anything."

If someone needs to be reminded of the beauty of the Premier League, then a trick should be done in an afternoon against the Arsenal against Bournemouth against a packed house on the south coast.

Never gunners have played out of the English top tire. They are establishing positive.

On the other hand, Eddie Howe's men are mixing in this fourth season at this level.

Indeed, just 10 years ago, Dorset's Mines had 91 seats out of 92 in the Football League pyramid – and were bankrupt for the boot.

European Super League:

European Super League: Eddie Howe has increased Bournemouth ranks (Pic: GETTY)

Although Cherry & # 39; Magic & # 39; Already 40 points from Mark 40 points, and only four points behind the men of Uni Emery – who withdrew the taste of 17 prior to the match.

Talk about a wonderful, annoying-to-prosperity story. Talk about fictional removing great obstacles.

It is thought that today's clash at Vitality Stadium can be incorporated into history – getting out of the league without promoting or responding to our fat-cat class – a pretty depressing.

Absolutely, Begovic, 31, believes that the dream of reaching the promised land is quite a summary of the much acclaimed English pyramid system.

Former stock and Chelsea man added: "We do not want to stop that ambition. Certainly not.

"English football gives everyone many opportunities to work and really go. The Premier League is the best league in the world.

And why our game against Arsenal shows. These are games that everyone loves.

"When you play against big clubs – some of the world's big clubs – the focus is huge.

"That's a big challenge, you're always excited. As a club, as a player, you want an opportunity to test yourself against the best."

It is difficult to think of a better way to get the right to compete with lesser brass to compete with top brass rather than take home arsenal for Howe's high flyers for the second consecutive season.

Kalm Wilson and Jordan Ebay had finally traveled to Bournemouth – Gunners quickly fired the charge of Arsène Wenger in the final season, which was defeated by seven consecutive Premier League titles.

But catching the first top six scripts of this campaign is a betting bet for both Begovic and the company, because Man City and Chelsea have defeated Northern Londoners in all the competition till date of this tenure.

However, despite visitors boasting of the lethal attack power, including Pierre-Amerek Ubumayang and Alexandre Lacazet, Bagovic has claimed that the Cherry forward line is equally tasty.

European Super League:

European Super League: Cherie's star Kelam Wilson scored a goal in the early England at the break (Pic: GETTY)

Wilson has fresh, six league goals from his England debut, and his growing involvement with rising Welsh playmaker David Brooks is a leading feature of Howe's usually being released.

Bagovic said: "It will be great to beat one of the big six – and win again after two tight losses.

"Arsenal has world-class players, but we have very good, strong players, especially in the attack. Our philosophy should always be positive."

Before the end of the year, Carbaco Cup quarter-finalist Bournemouth also faces league games against Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man United.

So, surprisingly, Begovic is talking about the top-six final and European qualification.

"It is essential to be ground and modest," he added.

"Yes, we are very ambitious, but first and foremost we need to stay in this league. Once we get those magical points, then we go ahead."

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