Saturday , June 10 2023

Fish Leong is now divorced?



Malaysian Singer Fish Leong is reported to have divorced her Taiwanese businesswoman husband Tony Chao.

China Press has quoted Taiwan Apple Pal Daily reports that the couple faced a marriage problem six months ago and their divorce was due to Chao's relationship with a former partner.

Chao, however, rejected his divorce report.

"There was no affair or divorce. "It's common for couples to have fights."

"I don't know who spread the rumors."

When Leong returned to Malaysia last month to promote her album, her management firm would ban the media from asking any personal questions or questions related to her husband.

Leong and Chao started dating after being introduced to each other by their manager.

They married in 2010 in Boracay, Philippines, and Leong gave birth to their son, Anderson Chao, in 2014.

> Hong Kong's top leader Li Ka Shing has called for pro-democracy protesters and officials to stop violence.

Hong Kong's richest man made this application through ads in some newspapers, reports Nanyang Xiang Pai.

The Chinese city has been heated in recent months over a proposed extradition bill that was postponed following violent protests.

In a published ad read "Love China, love Hong Kong and love yourself" as well as "Love freedom, endure and obey the law".

He signed on as "Hong Kong citizen Li Ka Shing".

It was also the second version of the advertisement in which a Chinese version of the Tang Dynasty poem quoted the story of Li Xian, the son of Empress Wu Ztian who told his mother not to harm her brothers for political power.

Lee's spokesman later said that Lee believes Hong Kong's prosperity rests on the principle of "one country, two systems."

A spokesman quoted Lee as saying, "The road to hell is always paved with good intentions.

"We need to keep the unintended consequences in mind."

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