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Floyd dismissed the fight for the New Year's Eve


Announcement in Tokyo (Sunday, Sunday, and Sundays) – "Pancard", "Canvas-Atm Canvas-MB (1.0MM) MB (0) – SMART MT (US $ 0.8) Floyd Maytar will fight against a Japanese kickboxer in the new generation On Sunday, the US announced Monday that Floyd Mayter will fight for a half of a Japanese kickboxer during the New Year's Eve. His age was 25 pounds lighter and was a stunner.

Smash MT (0.8M) – Smam "Type =" Text "content =" Canvas-atom canvas-text MB (1.0 MB MB) MayWater's Instagram Declaration Wednesday is the real Bombay. "The announcement of the Mayavender in Wednesday was in original Bombay.

Responding to questions about a fight with Tenshin Nasukawa, the questions were later related to the May Weatherer Channel after questioning the 20-year-old star.

I do not know him, but I know: Fine has conquered the worshipers. Faithful supporters have joined together over the years.

It seems like a setup of a type that can capture a particular attention for a program that handed out some easy money.

In May May, Instagram stated that he had been asked to face three round exhibition matches. It should have been a showcase for a wealthy small group. By doing so, he said he was blind.

Yes it's true. I am total B.S. One of these.

Mayawetar is shrinking shortly after he became a professional boxer and never failed to speak on his own. ទោះ ជា យ៉ាង ណា, if you believe his Instagram post, you now want to admit that he has voluntarily conceded a fight as he believes he participated in the news conference he did silently.

Again, it's a fool to believe.

Maybeather's former promoter Bob, a line of disagreements over a couple of years has been downgraded for years. One night and a friend drank a night and were fighting each other for a fight. The next night, when they took it back, someone else took another.

When his friend called the dialectics, he said, "I was lying down, and today I am telling the truth."

It seems like Maytter says: Yesterday I attended a press conference and answered questions and talked about the talents of Nilekula. Today, when I say that I have no goal to fight this person, I'll tell you the truth.

The issue of the Mayvender's story has been posted in several Japanese photographs over the last few months. That leads to speculation that it will remake the rest of the year and Pakistan itself.

If you give this feed with the Risen, it's hard to believe what MayWeather says right now.

He said that he did not respect fans who went to Japan for news conference. But is not it any disrespect to letting them believe that you are going to do something in their presence? Are not you elsewhere?

In his Instagram post he wrote: "I'm sorry to have a great discomfort with what many fans and organizers who have fled from all over the world to participate in the press conference.

"I am a retired boxer who has been globally, apparently speaking, occasionally and occasionally through small shows."

This helps strengthen the resonance shun for a better test.

Before I can see the opposite evidence, I want to believe it.

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