Tuesday , August 3 2021

Gold seized trichy news of Rs 16 lakh from three passengers

Trichy: Air intelligence wing of customs department late Thursday, from Trichy International Passenger to three passengers. Recovery of gold jewelery weighing 500 grams of 16 lakh rupees was made.

The identity of the passengers is known as Jabir Ahmed from Thondi, from Tiruvarur to Amunda and from Jharkhand to Ramnathpuram.

Three passengers reached Trichy on various flights – Ahmed came from Singapore from Kuala Lumpur and Zarina and Amunda.

According to sources, all three were caught during regular security check. Ahmed allegedly hid gold in his anus, while Amunda hid it in his hand and Zarina in his outfit. After seizing gold, the officials conducted the investigation.

On November 14, Customs officials arrested 1.25 kilogram gold from three passengers, who reached Trichy via AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur. The gold that they stole was about Rs. 34 lakhs.

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