Monday , July 26 2021

Golf: Belgium, South Korea cause wet and wild World Cup

Melbourne (Reuters) – Thomas Peter and Thomas Dietry organized a wet weather clinic at the World Cup of Golf on Friday, to be led by Belgium with South Korea, as the top nations were in an outrageous state during the second round.

Between wind and driving rain in the Metropolitan Golf Club, unbelieving Belgian people were mostly seamless in four hundred, one-under 71 was shooting to move under a total of 10 to 134.

Overnight co-leaders South Korea was almost impressive, together with Kim Si-Woo and Anne Byang-Hon, to maintain pace with Belgium and to join England (74), Italy (71), to form two strokes lead on India. (72) and Malaysia (73).

Peter told reporters that it was really tough out.

"It was like a heavy rain," his team-mate Dotry screwed. "So the wind blew, the wind did not fall, so it was a difficult day.

"I'm excited for my bath today."

Only four teams of 28-nation-2 sector teams earned a day's worth, while Bunkers looked like wedding pools and tempers in melrastrome.

A tournament was criticized as the gathering of top golf nations, as the players were surrounded by cliffs and after passing false shots in the trees, the players passed through the straps.

Overnight co-leaders Australia defeated Australia by six overs in a row, with Mark Lismman and Cameron Smith's couple attempting to push each other's mistakes ahead of most of their days.

The pair remained in a dispute with three birdies continuously from 14th, coming out of motion at four speeds.

Angry Hetan

The tragedy continued in the United States team events due to threshold in the recent Ryder Cup, because Matt Kucour and Kyle Stanley were defeated by more than 79 runs in seven overs, behind 11 leaders of the leaders, their title hopes to shoot everyone.

Firebund Tyrell Hatton broke Teet Marker with his driver after placing four in the tring, as England ninth position burst with three consecutive bogies.

"Yes, obviously it was not a great moment," says Hatten. "It was a reaction without thinking."

The team's all-rounder Ian Pollter had played very well to limit the damage, however, hoping for England's third World Cup title, he had recovered live and fine with Potter.

42-year-old Ryder Cup veteran was injured, with Farwa Bunker hit at 13 and 13, he and Hatton were forced to do little to improve their loot.

"Look, he was suspicious (whether he was right to play)," Polter said. "But, you know, that's just one of those gray areas."

Below the leaderboard, Peter Coramis and Alexander Tranacher of Greece, who qualified for Australia after being pulled out of the tournament, was a tragic day.

After a round of 15-round 87, he returned to the clubhouse, in which there were three triple-boges in the ninth.

The third round of the tournament returned to the four-ball format on Saturday.

(Edited by John O'Brien)

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