Friday , July 30 2021

Istoka plans to jump Barcelona to the wide open La Liga

Madrid: Atletico Madrid has a chance to take advantage of topsy-larvae La Liga campaign, when they host the champions Barcelona on Saturday and take advantage of this despite their sloppy form at the end of the week.

Although Diego Simone's team pulled five times, the leader is just one point behind Barca and once lost, he has won so many matches. They are struggling to overcome Barilla with Sevilla and are at the 23-point level with Alvetti, which is a surprise to the Elves package.

The Elves, promoted in 2016, finished the 14th deadline, but if they win the leagues on Friday night, they will go to the top, even though Sevilla is ranked 13th in September, possibly on Sunday night there may be leaders.

Real Madrid is also in touch, at just four points behind without losing more than eight hours at one point and Santiago is without a permanent coach two weeks before Solaris upgraded to intermediate full-time boss.

This season every time a challenger has clicked in Geyer, it seems to be clicked again, in exchange for his new opponents to his rival opponents around them.

Barca achieved a crisis in September before leaving six winners and draws in Valencia. They were then thrown by Real Bats, which were also flat from the 4-3 scoreline.

Defender Gerard Pike said, "We are successful in playing against the big teams in the way we want, but we have not played against other teams with a lower capacity."

"If we want to win the title, we all have to be strong and strong against all others."

Real change

They may have started a painful start, but last month, they defeated Borisia Dortmund 4-0 to Diego Simon under Diego Simon. Prior to the international breakdown, they needed two goals in the last 10 minutes to defeat athletic beta.

At last, Atlet won the Baracas in Leica in 2010, when they were in the side of keeper David Dey in Spain and Argentina's striker Sergey Aguero was in front.

On Friday, Simeon said, "He is the best team in the world." "They are very enormous in Spain and it costs us a lot."

Lional Messi showed the difference in March with a free-kick, and in summer also with Antoni Griesman, who decided that he would be better in the lead role with Uteko rather than playing the second field at Barka.

Grimman did not get away from his craving to win Ballon d'Or this year, but despite winning the World Cup and the Europa League, this means that he will come in a short time, because he does not always dominate such fixtures like players. Make like Macy's.

Welward said, "Grisman is a great player." "We need to be ready to play it the best."

Midfield will have an old fight against the new, where Sergio Buskets, 30, against Rodri Hernandez, Junior will run eight years.

Rodri is still rough around the edges but it has the ability to set pies, judgment and tempo. Buxett has worked at the highest level in the last decade but he was guilty of the worst performance of Barca this season.

"Rodrígue is a huge future, but biscuits are an extraordinary footballer, Barcelona is better when it comes to control, transit and balance," Simone said.

Any result of Vanda Metropolitan will benefit Real Madrid, who is in the sixth position, whose first game as a permanent coach with Semiants Solari comes in Iber on Saturday afternoon.

Four wins, 15 goals were scored, and fewer than two acceptable conversions, fewer points were awarded, which gave an easy solution to clear the vacancies of Madrid's President Florentino Perez by the removal of Julien Lopteguii.

"I'm grateful and excited. It's a wonderful responsibility," Solaris said Friday.

Solaris has a type of fixtures till Christmas, which has broken into the league match against the Valencia and Roma in the Champions League next week, which has given the opportunity to rebuild serious challenge holders at the Barka crown. – AFC

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