Thursday , October 6 2022

Lee Jong-suck outside the house after being jailed in Jakarta


Lee Jong Suuk, who was in prison for two days in Jakarta, Indonesia, returned to South Korea.

In November, he visited Lee, Japan. In August, visits in Japan, Thailand and Thailand were in Thailand.

The next day the plane was ready to climb to South Korea, but Lee and his group abandoned.

He is the freed prisoner of the prison in Jakarta. All employees in Japan are already connected. We prevented us from yesterday. "The post has been deleted.

Lee's agency announced an update on the A-Man project's official statement on Tuesday.

"Lee Jong-zak's return to South Korea's management (also the Korean branch organizer's local branch) was 24. Because luckily the actor is now near the house near the Indonesian embassy," read the statement.

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Tax payments and refusal to get work visa are part of the responsibility of preventing illegal business activities.

The local contractor failed to explain the situation clearly.

Earlier, it was announced that local tax authorities had seized black money for black money. Passport of the actor and the worker was seized. "However, local news has reported that it is not applying for short-term employment visas on 24th of 24."

The A-Man project announced that it would take legal action through Yulchon, the district headquarters of Gangan, southern district of SOLF.

"The agency will take legal action against Yalchoon, the management and the lawyer who is associated with the local promoter, and all legal steps will be solved (legislation)," said an apology.

In 2005, Lee was the youngest child to run a runway in Seoul fashion week. In the television series, the prosecutor's princess is & # 39; s gigantic & # 39; The model was also transferred in the movie 'Ghost'. The "Secret Garden" hit series was broadcast from 2010 to early 2011.

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