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Liverpool is waiting for midfielder candra Naby Keita, Xherdan Shaqiri


Jargon Clop is waiting to hear news from Liverpool.

All midfielders, except the Alex Oxlade-Chamberline, can be fitness standard and Sunday.

After considering the current midfield setup of Reds, he has all the tools in the German coach.

But how to look at midfield's cover image?

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Liverpool vs FullHam

When running for the new year, the clapping, especially, will gradually rotate.

There will also be injuries, naked, and sometimes suspension.

And yet on all his mid-bars – bar ookee-chamberline – finally what's his best midfield now?

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Our writers have their opinion.

& # 39; Let's Win & # 39;

Liverpool does not have any midfield too.

The approach of Jurgen Klopp courses is a real horse. It is rarely like this season.

You can explain why the results of the reds, but without the rhythm of the last second half.

Its key is midfield.

Gini Vizhalal Aam Aadmi won last season's Champions League Final
Gini Vizhalal Aam Aadmi won last season's Champions League Final

Lukas Tests, that's how Liverpool is competing in a big game. So let's say Reds will play in the Champions League final this weekend. Everyone knows.

As Jordan Henderson's captain, it's a great game experience. His absence is always remarkable when he is not there.

Gini Wijnaldum has his performances this season, but I'm still convinced that Naby Keita will be a win for Liverpool.

Ian Doyle's midfield: Henderson, Wijnandham, Keta


FIFO and Nabi Ketta are good to say that they should not live in Anfield. Xperdan Shaqiri does not have a problem with the Clopse team when the Swiss player is in the pitch.

Liverpool is more noticeable as a player and takes me to a more permanent place to reveal the relationship between defense and the front line.

Gordon Henderson was severely criticized and Jordan Henderson was overwhelmed – captain of the club is preparing his own business and football team. Now back to football training.

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Liverpool has to read stories from the past 24 hours

In midfielder three is like the best option of Reds, but the last specialist is no harder.

James Milner and Gini Vigneluddha teamed up with Sachin. The team has succeeded to beat Shakir in pitch. In fact, those who perform best in the game can perform better. They went in.

However, I choose English in the third midfield sliding capacity. It's his fierce race, the attitude to put forward, the pitch and the capability to fill in the pitch.

Conner Dan Midfield: Henderson, Milner, Shakiri

Will Jordan Henderson be at Liverpool Midfield?
Will Jordan Henderson be at Liverpool Midfield?

& # 39; Key is the key & # 39;

He was at the wheel of Liverpool's midfield.

Of course the size of expectation – the revival of all-year-olds – almost always seems to have a few chromers to return.

Yes, it was earlier than expected.

Yes, his 52.75 million tag has already been fixed.

See what Jurgen Clopp Fullhall can do here

But more midfield performances in Liverpool are associated with guinea. West Ham, Crystal Palace, and Tottenham are all reminiscent of this.

Ultimately, he is the only player who can play as an adult midfield player in the format required by the Jurgen Clopper. Xperdan Shaqiri said that the team's ability to face tournament, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal will not be able to perform well in the selection process.

Then Jordan should set up Henderson's foundations. Guinea vigneland support 4-5-3-1. Or help the cheetah in 4-3-3.

Henderson, despite his critics, is an important part of midfield and can also move to pitch, forward, backward. He knows the structure and style, and to overcome Faflalo.

Nabiatta and Fafeez on the first day of the pre-season. But who is your team?

How can you drop the Dutchman?

Players have no significant role in James Milner, Xherdan Shaqiri and Fabinho.

Christian Walsh midfield: Henderson, Wijnandham, Keta

& # 39; I do not go down, Nabe & # 39;

Liverpool's midfield's ridge is very hard to fix.

The Jurgen Klopin has many options, and new members from the tried and trusted lieutenant have not done their best.

That's what a balanced right is, that's what I've tried to do.

The presence of Jordan Henders helps Liverpool play faster and faster, making him move faster, more effective – at that point it comes to Finneeha. Until the Brazilian slowing down in England's speed.

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Which Liverpool midfielder is most important?

Guy Wijnad and James Milner should be one – they're not the same – when the Dutch shadows in the form of this season. Just one. His physical presence and experience are another important factor in mimicking this midfield.

How do we complete urination? I will go to the gambling and wade Nabi with Ketta. The former Leipzig man offered him a promise earlier in the season and asked him to show that there was a player there. Liverpool was given a slightly different object from Liverpool in the middle of the park.

There you have it. Do not reject me, Nabee.

Joe Rimmer Midfield: Henderson, Wijnandham, Keta

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