Tuesday , August 9 2022

Malaysian former chief minister does not try to torture a minor girl: World News


Kanpur: Former Malaysian Minister Shahid Khan Kasim has been convicted in a rape case for raping a minor girl.

Former Perlis Mantheer Puras, MP, with Ar, has reached the Kankar Sessions Court in Perlis 8.20. He saw in a dark blazer and sunglasses using a walkway.

His wife Madam Shamsiah Mohammed Yaseen and two unidentified ladies were with Shahid. About 50 people have gone missing.

Within the courtroom, other supporters were sitting on his seat and greeted him.

He is charged under Section 14 (A) of the Juvenile Offenders Act, 2017, which deals with sexual offenses by sexually abusing part of the child's body.

The incident took place on October 20 at 11.30pm when the Tungu Syed Punta Stadium was opened in Kankar.

Sessions Court Judge Johari Hasan Shahiden granted 25,000 RM25,000 (8000 USD) bail.

A former 15-year-old girl has been accused of sexually transmitted to a 15-year-old girl by a former minister of the Prime Minister's Department.

The girls said from a sponsored buses group.

Shahid, who denies the allegations, said that this was a misunderstanding.

Police said the case was withdrawn.

The girl's father said that she was "well" and that the family had no need to expel it.

The police said that the relationship between the family and the politicians is not applicable to police.

Former former head of the Andrew Shaheedan went to the Bulit Aman National Police headquarters in Qummlpur on October 30 and investigated from 9 am to 4.30 am.

Police statements of Bukit Aman's Sexual, Woman and Child Investigation Division have been recorded.

If found guilty, he shall be imprisoned for up to 10 years. The parliamentary seat will be lost.

Shahidan refused to appear in court last week to face charges. The arrest warrant was issued.

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