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Mitsubishi Motors board gets Monday to remove chairman Ghos

Tokyo (Reuters) – Mitsubishi Motors Corps (7211) Carlos Ghosn will be arrested on Monday after his arrest and role as the Chairman after the coalition partner Nissan Motor Company's arrest.7201) Last week for alleged financial misbehavior.

File Photo: Carlos Ghos, Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, participates in the Tomorrow In Motion Event on the eve of Press Day on Paris Auto Show in Paris, France on October 1, 2018. REUTERS / Regis Duvignau

To remove Ghos by Mitsubishi's eight members board, which is found in the 16th October (at 0730 GMT) at the Tokyo Headquarters of Automaker, it will see the end of the Japanese auto makers chaos between French partner Renault SA (S).Renaa P.) Role in Connection.

In the firing of Ghose, a man believed to be able to settle Mitsubishi Motors will be removed, which was stopped by the cheating scandal in 2016.

Top Alliance Executives will hold a meeting in Amsterdam this week for the purpose of protecting their joint operations by the collapse of Ghos's arrest as a power struggle between Nissan and Renault Lomes.

Nissan CEO Hiroto Skaawa told the staff on Monday that the concentration of power in Ghausan means that there is a lack of direct communication between the members of the other coalition group, said a person familiar with the content of Town Hall said.

Nissan said it does not disclose details of internal events or communications to employees.

About 60% larger than Renault's sales, Nissan has remained junior in its shareholding framework. Despite strong reservations in the Japanese company, the French government was pushing for a deeper connection to Ghosu, along with potentially complete merger between two auto manufacturers requesting.

Nissan has to take control of 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors and there are two officers on board. Other representative director is CEO Osamu Muskko, who said that managing without managing Goshen can be difficult last week.

Nissan had removed Ghosu on Thursday at a high-level board meeting, but Renault dismissed him as a chairman and CEO. In the report of the public broadcaster NHK Sunday, Ghose refused accusations against them.

A Nissan spokeswoman said that automakers have emphasized that operations and business are generally moving, Nissan has suspended its high-powered Leaf electric cars, so that "unveiling this important product can get the necessary coverage."

Report by Maki Shiraki, Sam Newse and Chang-Ran Kim; Edited by Murli Kumar Anantraman

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