Sunday , June 13 2021

PT Minister The politicians complained

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak dismissed the allocation for rural development in the budgetary allocation of 2019.

Najeeb Razaq dismisses the finance ministry Polar Harapan politicians point out that the recent budget has not been given priority in rural development.

The first Minister of Industries, Teresa Koch, said that his financial department had allocated 50.7 percent of the amount.

"PAA expressed regret over the reduction of subsidies for farmers in the budget in the year 2019 by PA Sangh Pottani MP Jhari Abdul Aanin?

The minister of finance, Lim Guan, claimed that the priority was not given to rural development.

He added that the allocation for agencies involved in the rural areas has increased.

There was an allegation that Maara's operating expenses would be reduced from RM2 to RM1.3 billion.

This is because the agency scholarship and student credit are now cost-effectively cost-effective.

However, former finance minister Najib, RS2 billion is RM2 billion less than RM2.5 billion, which was granted to the Nazi state agency by Barisan.

"He (Lim) did not mention this."

Lim said that Felda's move increased from 160 million RM to 260 million.

He said that anticipated bail to Feldda had been an important source of encouragement for over 94,000 PhDs in the country.

Najeeb also said that in the rural sector, many beneficiaries – BR1 M – cut in cash reserve ratio.

"It is black and white in the budget of 2019 but the Finance Minister still wants to deny it?"

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