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Putrajy says, in the absence of the ICERD belief, intellectual says

Ahmed Farooq Musa, founder of the Islamic Renaissance Front, claims that right-wing groups are trying to use ICED to create unrest and excitement with the hidden agendas of overthrowing the government.

Patel Jai: Founder of the Islamic Renaissance Front, Ahmad Farooq Musa, said that Shantiraj and Morality are "very important", because Putraj has made the right decision in the decision to support the controversial international convention of abolishing all forms of political discrimination.

Farouk, an academic known for his generous and progressive ideas, also said he saw this coming.

"A few weeks ago, the government talked about ratifying the IERD in other UN assemblies, and I think it is committed to doing so.

"Such a sudden departure from the commitment was expected because it seems that leftist groups of Mars, especially Gaganasu Kusa III, were trying to spread sexual hatred and bloodshed by reminding them of the riots on 13th May."

Keeping this in mind, Farooq said that Putrajy did not make the right decision by ratifying the ICERD.

"What these right-wing groups are trying to do is to create unrest and progress with the hidden agenda of overthrowing the government."

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's decision to take decision against the support of the ICERD, a resident of Umand's Padang Rangas MP Nazri Aziz. Thank you to Mahathir Mohammed.

"We know Mahathir has never pressurized him. We are happy because ICERD is not needed.

"The ratification means that there is an intention to abolish the Malala's special rights and the people of Sabah and Sarvak. If the government does not intend to abolish these rights, there is no need to ratify the IERD."

PAS Youth's head Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi described the decision of Putrajaya as "victory" for Islam, Males and Boomiputresas.

"PAS was just fighting against our religion and the guarantee of nation's duty.

"Cows should be warned that when it comes to the protection of the interests of Islam, Males and Boompuiters, PAS youth will not be silent."

Chief Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Hasan said that the government had proved that the ICERDA has not taken any advantage and that only produces discomfort in the country.

He said that the government should evaluate its points of view and the opposition to ensure public order and national security is safe.

"Yes, we will be praised by foreign countries (if Malaysia has supported the IERD), but since 1969, we have not signed the treaty and there is no problem in it."

He said that if Malaysia has supported the IERD but has not implemented it, then it risks the exclusion of other countries.

Siti Kasim: Mahathir is ashamed to do this

Lawyers-worker CT Kashim, who has openly supported himself for the ICERD and who previously said that he will go against the federal constitution, said Mahathir is shameful to do this.

"Internationally, Tune has said that our country will ratify the IERD.

"It is very disappointing to hear. I think instead of listening to PNS and Umaan, tune really should seek advice from other people.

"They (PAS and Ummah) just ride on the ICERD for their agenda. So, I think it is bad advice given by the tune of whatever it is. It is a shame for us that tune, blue, he decided to do this Is there.

"Do we present the Islamists and Ketuan Melayu? Where is our Malaysian expanse?

"Many people say that the IERD will not remove the rights of Malay. It was a tune of itself, who said that we will support international rights conventions.

"I think he ran a little bit to come out of this statement.

"I think we should meet with tune. He needs to hear both sides, especially academics and lawyers, for Malaysia, it's a tragic day. I'm very disappointed," she said.

Meanwhile, Jerold Josses, Commissioner of Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) said that the country needs real leaders who "will fight against the politically motivated struggle on the ICERD."

He is the prime minister. Minister of the Wyetha Murthy, and actually Minister of Religious Affairs Mujahid Yusuf Rana, mentioned the Minister of External Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah, which is very few politicians who can speak the truth in power.

He said that over the years the leaders of Shakti Harapan had raised and recalled the changes brought in Malaysia's change.

"Ph is a new hope that Malaysia can take to a new height. Nevertheless, promises like Malaysia's standing at the international level and promises to bring Malaysia out of the racist framework, which is the pillar of an old government, has not been kept.

"The integrity of this new government has been sustained by the promise, at which time leaders are courageous and courageous. This will make Malaysia shameful, in its order as soon as a new government.

"In the UN General Assembly, Mahathir promised the world to support all other rights treaties," Gerald said in reference to the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations by the United Nations. It was a part of the Malaysian delegation there.

& # 39; Misleading misleading guides & # 39;

Human Rights lawyer N. Surendran said that the decision to ratify the ICERD "comes from a politically motivated misleading and false arguments by Umano and PAS and in the wake of right-wing groups against the ICERD".

"There is no basis for claiming that Article 153 needs to be improved and this has been repeated. It does not affect Islam; a large number of OIC countries have confirmed the treaty.

"It is astonishing that the government has reprimanded and created this shameful U-turn because of its backing after supporting its earlier decision.

"When the government and government leaders have often failed to show moral leadership when needed.

"Some senior P.H. leaders have been called for 'delay' by signing publicly for a 'delay' and this has led to the final blending of the government on the ICERD.

"We can not support the anti-racism treaty that Malaysia is putting shame on, regionally and internationally. Bad, what do they say about us as people?"

Rai Chua, program manager of Human Rights Group Push Komas, said there are many beliefs and false beliefs about the approval of the IERD and the Pakistani defeat has fallen for the strong and enormous sentiment by the disgruntled people of the ICED.

"What happened with the advice of various stakeholders held during the first quarter of 2019?

In addition, Vetra Murthy also said in Parliament that the IERD does not violate Article 153. So, why a strong decision?

"Once again, we have divorced by the government of Paktan Harp who has not fulfilled the promise of his election."

Earlier, Putraj said that it would not support the ICED in the strong opposition of Malay groups and political parties, who warned that the World Treaty is a risk for Malaysian's positive action.

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