Thursday , July 29 2021

Samsung Galaxy A-Series: Report to Get In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Made by Agis Technologies

Samsung is expected to introduce in-display fingerprint sensors in its Galaxy S and Galaxy A lineup, with shippers expected to start from the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. Qualcomm received an order from Samsung for its next ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors. , A new report claims that other suppliers will make optical in-display fingerprint sensors for the Galaxy A-Series smartphone. A report from South Korea claims that Samsung has finalized Aggies technology as a supplier of these sensors.

According to a report in ETNUs, Taiwan's Aggish Technology will supply in-display fingerprint sensors for the Samsung Galaxy A (2019) lineup. The report claims that the supplier will make optical sensors for phones, rather instead supply Ultrasonic ones to Samsung for Qualcomm Galaxy S10. The new ultrasonic sensor is believed to be more advanced than the faster optical solutions in the market, faster and larger acquisition game.

In terms of big differences, optical sensors sit in the front of the handset, while the ultrasonic sensor sticks behind the display panel. Also, Optical Sensors are reported to display image quality on display, and it is also risky for light and other external effects. Ultrasonic sensors also make the device more accurate than optical sensors, taking into account rides and holes, taking a 3D image of the finger. It is worth mentioning that in the past several reports have claimed that the Galaxy S10 will come with Qualcomm ultrasonic sensors.

Quoting industry sources, the report claims that Samsung Electronics will introduce Aggi Technology's in-display fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy A-series in 2019. Sources familiar with this matter said that two companies (Ages Technologies and MediaTek's Goodies) compete against each other. Get a contract to create a sensor, but it's finally received by Ages Technique.

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