Sunday , August 7 2022

Stars give gifts to Chinese Oscars in Taiwan


Among the best film in Asian cinema are the Golden Horse Film Awards of Taiwan, the Chinese language "Oscar", named "Shadow", one of the best directors in Taiwan.

The red carpet in Taipei is carried out by Taiwanese-American director Aung Lee, Chinese Superstar Gong Li, Hong Kong's "Heavenly King" and Andy Love.

The Chinese filmmaker has won the Shanghai Marcher Archeri Award, an inspiration for traditional musical-brush, with 12 nominations for best actor and actress, best actor and actress.

Taiwanese comedy "Dear EX" against her husband's rights for the rights of her husband, Der Ek, ​​is the best film and best acting of eight films, Thais Dialogue Mag Sussum and Su Su-yin are also the new faces.

Schwang will never be a better director of Golden Horse. In 1996, Jiangxong, who starred in the Shanghai Classic "Red Sorong", won his first film titled "In the Heat of the Sun".

Taiwan Roy Chie from Taiwan and Hasey Ying-shawoo have been honored with the best acting awards. Girlfriend and widowed mother are a home remuneration in the movie "Deer Eck".

Double Shao Double Edge ("The Stunning Storm"), a great phenomenon, Peng Yuching ("An Elephant Still Water") to protect the Shadow in the dengue chao and shadow of China.

Deng's wife, a Chinese television star Sun Lee, was named after his wife Shadow & # 39; In the film. Japanese director Shunji Awa's romance "Last Letter", and Shazo Tao ("Ash is Pururst White" Seung Meehouzi ("Three Husbands").

Three Chinese plays – "Long Days Journey Into Nu", "Dying in Survive" and "A Elephant Epiptens Sitting" are also for the best.

In the best documentary section of "Our Young People in Taiwan", about the 2014 Sun Sea movement "Island: The First Ambrorilla", about the accumulated movement in Hong Kong's favorable democracy country. Both of them joined the protest demonstrations and youth activists and increased Beijing's influence.

At Taipei's Sun Yat Sans Cell Memorial Hall, you can start at 7:00 am (1100 GMT).

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