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The book was written by Tingu Ameer to handle the faction of the faction of the Rangrand FAF


The Selangar president has announced several announcements on December 16.

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Although a ceasefire has challenged the Selangor FA (FAS), the FAS chief believes that its president, Tengku Amir Shah Ibn Sulthan Sharafuddin Idis Shah, accepts his election winners

Last Thursday, the new Deputy President, Vice Presidents and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held a hotel at Kuala Lumpur to select the members of the Executive Council (EXO). Even though they decided to retain it Raja Muda They met from their disgrace among general secretary, deputies and ex-members of Tingu Amir who was president of Sinalgore state president (Prince of Kireth). Back in June.

On Saturday, Tengku Amir and the current Association of Associations organized a press conference in the palace palace of Shah Alam. The Constitution of the Organization states that there are no legal grounds on Thursday's meeting.

General Secretary Johan Kamal Hameedan said that despite the majority support of the first Indira Gandhi, it was later withdrawn with the support of new members that only 10 out of 121 121 nominees have been dissolved.

The Malaysian Sports Commission and Malaysian F have not disclosed evidence of a split in the meeting between the two groups on November 7.

Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin, Johan Kamal Hameedan, Selangor, 10112018

Tengku Amir and Johan (middle and right) with Feng exco members. A photo of Sully Saini

Although he declines to accept group claims,Kaur AzharTeh-e-Ameer said the organizers expressed regret that they will spend much time in the 2019 season to revamp and organize.

"Last month we wasted no time and I was very worried for no reason.

If we are sponsors, we should emphasize the first team, instead the sponsors will be scared of all the basics, "said Tenglu Ameer, also known as RMS.

When a journalist asked why he did not take any more aggressive action against the fight against him, he decided to do all the things.

"We have to go through FAS laws and check them again with our legal team." FAS has to be maintained, and I must do so by following the rules and regulations.

"The style of work is the first to work, and only to talk about what has happened yet." He said.

However, the FAS chief assures that the issue will be utilized soon. A special announcement will be announced in December.

"We have control, we have confidence, we're stabilizing FAS.

"I am glad that the FAS family will take place on December 16. We are saying some interesting statements that day," said the 27-year-old.

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