Sunday , August 7 2022

The Chief Minister's term was removed twice


Penang Dong | The Chief Minister's term was restricted twice as the state legislature brought the amendment to amend the constitution to amend the constitution in the assembly.

Chief Minister Chaoukonov said the bill would be restricted to both the Patna Harappan manifesto of the 14th general election and the restrictions on both the good and transparent rule of the Chief Minister and the Montevier Chitta.

"The issue of Dewan Rakit was brought to Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed to speed up the process of reforming the political system.

"According to the federal government's suggestions, the Piangong government has given priority to this desire in implementing the General Election Manifesto.

"Penang will try to create history again as the first state to limit the chief minister's term for two years, and will bring about a radical political approach," he told the assembly.

On July 11, the Penang constitution in the State Legal Adviser's office shifted to the Attorney General's Chamber of Commerce. This was discussed at the meetings of the State Executive Council during the months of July and August.

Former Goku Hiyoo Leong (P-Bucket Tengah) said while discussing the issue of a bill to amend the parliamentary democracy's promise to strengthen parliamentary democracy.

In the days of Barisan Nasional government we had more power for the Prime Minister. The whole system of government was used to protect the criminal investigations.

On November 16th this is a good example for other States, not for the sake of the CM, we appreciate the efforts of the Chief Minister, the CM only standing for six months, but still, he is drinking on the bill, "said Goi.

Lee Chan Kit (P-Pulau Tucose) said that the amendment bill could keep the new faces, especially from the younger generation, the highest post in the state.

Meanwhile, the opposition decided to oppose the Bill.

While discussing the bill, Mohamm Yusini Mat Piya (PAS-Penaga) said: "The term of a post is not a problem because the leader is capable and capable of developing a state or state, no corruption."


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