Saturday , October 1 2022

The LG 16 smartphone is surrounded with the idea of ​​putting 16 cameras on


LG 16 camera lens

Better. It's a current trend for smartphone photography. In these days, viewing the smartphone with the rear three or four cameras has become more common.

After introducing the LG LG V40 Thinquo, the smartphone maker recently filed a patent for a smartphone with a mad 16 camera setup.

US According to patent filing with the Patent and Trademark Office, LG has described the new 16 camera system set in the 4×4 array. It comes in many adjustments with different curves and it is possible to take personal photos from them Exclusive Lens

Alternatively, you can take all 16 camera shots and then you can choose the best picture. Since each camera has its own view, it is possible to remix different shots and annexed photos. From the illustration given below, you can select a field and "tilt" using part of the image taken from other lenses.

As seen on the first image above, the proposed device also comes with a mirror that is used to take the self using rear camera. However, for other uses like video calls, a front-end device is displayed.

It's too early to tell whether LG will actually come out with a 16-camera smartphone. After all, this is just a patent and LG has a chance to put it into production.


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