Saturday , February 4 2023

The Prime Minister, while directing the defeat, said that Goa would not favor it


Government will favor people for the order of Chawansan Harapan as a coalition of choice to rule the country in the last general elections.

Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed said that despite the allegations made after Harpan occupied the administration of the country, the facts proved to be another.

"We have solved many problems by the previous ruling party and we believe our country will be recovered soon.

"We have promised to distribute the country's assets and we have introduced a new policy of shared prosperity … we will ensure that no one will be left behind," he told Kaliman nationally at the Barshatsu Adilitree Open House yesterday night.

Mahathir said that the new policy can be understood as long as people support all the schemes defined by the government.

He said in the agriculture sector that most of the poor people are included, for example, many new approaches will be introduced so that people of rural areas will enjoy the benefit of the prosperity enjoyed by the urban areas.

Meanwhile, Mahathir said that after the occupation of the country's administration, all the quarters are no longer afraid, but were instead free to criticize the government.

"Even though the new government is called inappropriate, it is actually more efficient than the previous one, and with the abolition of corruption, the country will grow more and people will lead a better life."

About 20,000 people attended the open house at the MBI Docu Convention Hall.

Barshatsu President Muhaddin Yasin and Kedah Mantri Badger Mukrij Mahathir were also present.


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