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Xbox Games Pass $ 1 is available, but there is a catch


Microsoft attempts to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, which is a game like Netflix. On Xbox One, this service provides more than 100 Xbox-titles for a flat launch. PC users can utilize many Xbox players and games anywhere in the game pass lineup Forsa Horizon 4 And Sue Tycoon. The typical fee month for a membership is $ 9.99, but there is an existing agreement that lasts the subscription price of one month membership at the end of the year at $ 1.

Now, it's pretty – but it's a catch.

This is the offer Only available New customers. Had I in the brand-newsletter, were there in your Microsoft account? There is no advance contact with the Xbox game pass Anyway. Even if you used the 14-day Starter trial free, this offer will be exchanged for you to accept; You'll see the typical $ 999 option instead. If you have an explicit account, Do not select a 14-day free trial. For the minute you make, you will not have access to the $ 1 membership option. Close $ 1 in advance.

Here is the screenshot of each side, between the untapped account and the difference that already exists between the service:

Compare Xbox Game Discount Comparison

Snomie Move, Microsoft

As you can tell about the time and date shown in the taskbar at the bottom right of each photo, these shots have taken a minute difference. You can go ahead and test yourself. Go to the Xbox Game Landing Page. If you already have used Xbox Game Password, if you have already signed-in to your Microsoft account, your result will show on the left. Sign out and click on "Magnific & # 39; Right will change. However, if you try to hit the "Join" button while you sign in, it will force you to login to your account, which will then discourage the discount.

It is not in the page that this agreement is approved in the first phase. It is Microsoft.

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