Monday , August 15 2022

Xiaomi calls in Meitu to improve the camera performance of upcoming devices


Xiaomi is a stranger, and it is definitely sure. But the company's major moves will be held next year. The company is among the latest news around the company and the fact that the company is now planning to work as a competitor manufacturer in China, Meitu.

Both of them said Xiaomi and Meitu Xiaomi's upcoming releases to collaborate on a project to improve the camera performance. Google started to break all of its incredible camera improvements, and Xiaomi, the Chinese collection of OEMs, is not left out. The camera does not have the best brands in the DVD, it has its own Selfstopoff department, and its suite of apps is quite well known and unmanned. This is definitely an incredible improvement. If they succeed in pulling it down, they are going to end the long run.

Whether you're universal, you need to approve the MIUI Camera Application, especially if the quality of the images, at least photographer poked the Galaxy Note Lite and paired with the Google Camera App port.

By default, Xiaomi has previously locked a default camera, allowing the users to use the new Google Camera Port to activate the camera 2API. With the camera 2API enabled, our Pico F1 viewed image quality was very much, it looks like many other phones. The Poco F1 and the Mi 8 are IMX 363 and their rear sensor. When Poco F1 did not have OIS, it was evident against the Mi8 when two devices were emitting when using the Stock Camera application.

The details are certainly unclear. But this is not based on WeiBO Sina's report. However, what we determine is that Xiaomi was not a "game transfer" when it comes to R & D's exclusively for mill's Milix devices.

The market's brand Huawei invested 15.1%, 14.6%, 14.9% R & D, and Xiaomi, having invested 2.2%, 3% and 2.7% respectively.

The exit from this is definitely not to be seen. As China's sales decline, Xiaomi likes the game again, at least in China, they like OnePlus, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo. Xiaomi's Donovan Sung reported that soon after the launch of the My Mixaxe 3, the company targeted 100M units by the end of October. The company is expected to hit 120M units by the end of 2018.

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