Sunday , June 20 2021

YD Spotlight: Nicholas Becker's Chair Scouss Challenge Pt.3


Every week (though not fixed by time), my instagram feed has a chair sketch, and after seeing and seeing their dozen, after the look of mystery and brand of brand mystery can immediately recognize my mind.

# Nickschairsketches's hashtag is given, Baker designs every week an extraordinary idea strategy. The chairs are quite literally inspiring from anywhere. Scroll down to see some of our favorites.

Designer: Nicholas Baker


For a typical sofa and roading sofa, this chair can be 180 ° depending on which feature you like. The opposite sofa can be of both ways, when you need a stable sofa and gives you a funny sofa, when you're just joking


Different types of DIY chair, which require a concrete and hard-hat. The chair is like a chair, which will become a flowering catcher and allow you to make the art of the chair used for throwing paddling. Intentionally!


A chair built in a simple chair, this idea shows the minimization with creativity. The curved hinges make legs, wide seat, and barracks. Maybe you need a cushion.


The elastic strip is designed to give shape to the chair and its shape. Without the house, the chair is like an eagle that you can not really sit. You have got a detailed description of the stroke and the eyes and the dininger!


The inspiration for Belo, the cushion effect of this chair is from an unusual design! Roto is designed to be sure, but its definition – the construction, it gives you a little more flexibility than you sit. There is a seat in the seat, seat seat and basters in the seat.


This chair has reminded me of several Red Dot Chair who wrote before me. However, a cousin comes with a clear hint to reach you somewhere. Elastic cloth helps you to fit your body shape.


NASA 's hat – tip on NIC' s 60th birthday, which is inspired by Anicorn and NASA through the limited edition watch to remember the 60th anniversary of NASA. An aluminum frame, take the cushion, and two objects used in the aeronautical industry, with non-weightless replica sheet-metal legs.


This chair uses four parts of this chair, taking a page from the elastic band chair. Two goggles and two more to meet a fabric chair and fabric.


Another elastic oriented idea is the rotating floor in this chair and the soft quilt-aluminum surrounded with elastic strips. The carpin can be easily removed and periodically washed. In the chair you can wear your sweat and sprinkle the chair.


This chair is made of two identical dust-sheet metal sheets, which has been followed by one after another to protect each other. Combine them with a piece of chair and leave a piece. Nifty, what ?? You can put together dozens of units in order to save each other at the time of shipping!

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