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& # 39; Red Socks & # 39; Starting the trial for the feminine murder

After one year of identification of Lupita, who "Red gloves", Coroner remained as an unknown as nine months NezahualcóyotlOn this Thursday, he began his trial against his mother, Menaida Medina and his colleague Pablo Rodriguez Escamila. Woman's murder.

Citizen's aunt, Marina Concepción, was the first to testify in the criminal verbal court Nezahualcóyotl,. She said that her sister and her brother, who is allegedly responsible for the child's death, had divorced this family for months, that Lupita lives with another partner.

I do not allow this to happen, they have done so much harm to the girl, I do not accuse her, the authorities decide whether she is guilty or not, but my sister certainly knows that I want that girl to take care and I Asked for and they did not want to give it to me, "said Marina.

On March 8, 2017 Little girl, Located only some red waves, which were found in the garbage dump Zodiacal board, In Nezahualcóyotl. For about nine months, small fossils remain unfamiliar. Later it became known that his name was Lupita, Four years old, and who died after killing by his stepfather and mother.

The State's Attorney General sought a 70-year sentence Jail For couple

Relatives of Little girl They suggested that they had received threats to withdraw demand from Pablo's relatives.

During the initial trial of the trial, Yeddyar cried when she gave testimony to her sister. Pablo saw calm.

& # 39; Epecak's Demon & # 39; And accused her partner of feminism

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