Tuesday , January 31 2023

Actively in the sequel of "The Bodyguard" before Princess Diana's death


In People Magazine's new interview by actor Kevin Costner, something shocking seems like: Princess Diana was about to become a star a Sequel No Tape "The Bodyguard" before death He would have become an important member of the royalty who helped him to persuade him to try luck in movies.

Kevin Costner announced in the American environment that in the first installment, where his character was responsible for saving Frank the Great Movie and the television star, which was expressed by the Great Whitney Houston, now Frank should save Diana, paparazzi and fans, ultimately falls in love.

It was Sarah Ferguson, who is known by many Princess Buttrees and Eugenia's mother "Fergie", which is the key to teaching Princess Diana to enter the entertainment world as an actress. Can you imagine that Megan Marc helped Kate Middleton to become an actress?

"Sarah was very important. I always respect respect because she was the one who arranged the negotiations so that I could talk to Diana," the coaster said. He later added: "She was the one who had revised her and never asked 'What about me? I am also a princess, I always support this idea.'

Princess Diana admitted that Kevin Coste had written a sequel with him in the original 1992 film, and this was his first acting role, according to Kevin Costner, she expressed concern about him, his life was still very much controlled.

She added that Princess Diana was very sweet in her phone conversation and she asked about the scenes of the kiss, in which she pointed out that she could be very balanced with respect.

Unfortunately, the final script of the film died on August 30, 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident one day before. As part of this, Diana's mother-in-law Sarah Ferguson, Prince Charles's Prince Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Prince Charles's divorced divorced in 1996.

Both Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenia and Beatrice have developed good friendship with entertainment personality. One of the recent examples was the presence of Ricky Martin and her husband Jawan Yousseff at Princess Eugenia's wedding.

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