Monday , June 5 2023

AIDS is the life of 14 people. 80 Drugs L Manana di Nuevo Laredo


About 80 people have died in the virus so far this year. At least 14 people were killed.

At a speed test of 800 students, two university students were suspected of the virus. They will be tested more strongly on whether they are infected with HIV.

Also, two women aged between 20 and 30 had identified HIV virus during their delivery of the baby, so their children sought prophylactic treatment.

Francesco Ortiz Brusila, Director of the AIDS Care Abortion Center for the Care of Aids and Sexual Transmission Inhibitions (Capacits), explained: The nursing and commercial faculty of faculty distributed rugs to students.

If positive, they will be admitted into the program, so they begin treatment and care to maintain a better standard of living.

"Two women who have been diagnosed with the disease at the Ministry of Health have not been able to give birth to their babies because they do not know how to develop this disease because they have started treatment now," he said. She explained that they were not any students.

Nine pregnant women have been diagnosed with this disease. One of them said that next year will be birthday.

Pregnancy in specialty in HIV and AIDS begins time-based treatment to help prevent good embarrassment, find time in this condition, and reduce viral loads and the risk of infection.

In the past two years, these quick tests have been handed over to health care units. There are more responses from the population. Three factors this year were found in the center of the rest of the cabassites to study more specialized studies.

When ragets are very sensitive, and in most cases the cassis are referred to in their confirmation tests, they usually leave the positive.

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