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Autumn smoothie


Mexico Oats are considered to be the most effective cereals to possess excellent digestive system and to work at excellent levels. Oatmeal can be helpful in maintaining healthy weight.

This food is rich in fiber content, which helps to absorb fat and glucose and remove it from the body through digestion.

To make this work you should generally prepare your scent, but by adding otmil you can replace the milk with water and you should prepare it as follows:

  • Oatmeal with papaya. This fluid will not only fill you with energy, but will also mix fiber content of oatmeal with papaya responsible for stomach upset. To make it more effective you can change milk for oatmeal.
  • Banana with oats. This snack should be done before and will help to burn accumulated fat in the stomach.
  • Oats and cinnamon Two times a day, others should take breakfast before and after lunch, if you do for 15 days you will start seeing the results.

Oat milk

This can be ready at home and it is economical. To prepare this you have to wake the oats for the whole night, after this period you should drain the otum and throw more fluid, then dissolve four cups of water and lightly cinnamon or vanilla and drink oatmeal, pull the fluid to remove the oats. Keeps lumps and refrigerators where they can be kept for five days.

The water of the otumal can be taken with a light apple and inspiration in snacks.
At lunch time with a turkey breast salad
With dinner, apples slices

Ots properties

The grain is native to Asia, initially considered to be a bad herb and was released, after thousands of years it was considered to be food and used by lower classes. The nutrient properties of oats are:

Depressive It stimulates the production of enzyme lecithin, which helps the liver to remove the toxin from the body. It also cleanses the walls of cholesterol and also acts on the arteries, which can close them.

Control the sugar. Fiber in oats means more sugar (glucose) is needed for digestion, so it is widely recommended for diabetes.

Improves digestion. By reducing bile acids, it facilitates intestinal transit and prevents constipation. OTMAL is a slow-absorbing carbohydrate that makes you feel more perfect.

This affects when there is a healthy lifestyle, you exercise continuously and replace your dietary habits for healthy people.

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