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Babies born with pre-determined DNA in China


Babies born with pre-determined DNA in China

Controversial, he teamed up with Junku, who changed twins in Jeans.

Hong Kong

Chinese doctor Junku said that he has created the first genetically modified children.

This is the month-old twins, whose DNA has changed the reworking of the original life plan of young children.

"I have a strong responsibility to not only do something for the first time, but to set an example. Junkey announced by YouTube, the community said what society would do?

This action was done with a device that modifies younger children to resist HIV, cholera and smallpati, because the father is seropositive.

"These results indicate that according to the plan, the operation is functioning properly," he added in his video.

A doctor who studied at Stanford University explained that he used Chirp-Case 9 technology, which is called genetic scissor, which removes or alters the unwanted part of the genome.

He also said that his goal was to resist future HIV transmission.

After this procedure, lolas and young children were born in fetus in the embryo before contraceptive was born by the contraceptive embryo, then the expert tested the seven-fetus process.

"After an injecting the father's sperm in the ovaries, an embryologist put Chris-Casp-9 proteins responsible for making changes in the genes. Girls are as healthy as any child," the person charged for the operation explains.

After the announcement, the authorities of China's National Health Commission ordered the investigation of the advertisement.

The agency said in a statement, "We should be responsible for the health of the people and we will act according to the law."

In addition to this, hundreds of Chinese scientists published a joint assembly criticizing the experiment and urged for a change in law in in vitro fertilization.

He defended his work and said he wants to save small children from infection.

However, South University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, condemned the incident in China and claimed to be unaware of the medical work.

"Ethics is a serious violation of these educational standards," the organization said.

They claim that they are experimenting with humans and to apply genetic acquisition for therapeutic purpose, but to improve DNA.

Professor Nicholas Evans of Philosophy of Bioethics expert Massachusetts Lowell University thought, "These results are very problem-sensitive scientific practice in a video on YouTube."

So far, no scientific journal has published an evaluation, and other experts have not supported this work.

Magazine published, "Technology is a moral responsibility" Review of MIT Technology.

With this work, it is the first time two people born after their genes have been modified in the fetal stage.

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