Wednesday , August 4 2021

Bitcoin sinks down to $ 4000

Year of stabilocaine?

Cryptodivis passes through a critical moment: when it seemed that everything has been cooled down, a new sudden deterioration shocks the market.

When it seemed that everything has been silent, a new Symbrano criticism attacks the world's roots. It is that its symbol reduces the currency, bitcoin, again, below its value of $ 4000.

At the time of publication of this note, cryptocurrency rarely exceeds US $ 3780, thus reaching the lowest value of the year.

Likewise, in the last 24 hours, the top 100 currencies (Betocon, XRP, Atherom, Betocon Cash, EOS, Tara, Tethre and Lightlight) have decreased between 13 to 14% in eight.

With the volatile space, digital currents began to completely stop by 2017 until 2018, when bitcoin peaked at its peak, where it touched nearly US $ 20000.

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