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Chinese scientists oppose Gian Kui's work


Yesterday, the media around the world had released the latest birth news of two children, whose genome was conceived, so that they could be made. HIV Virus Resistant.

A person responsible for such a wonderful process She Jianqui, A researcher University of Southern Science and Technology, Located in Shenzhen, China. For this, he used the technology CRRSPR / Casey 9, Whose work in genetic engineering has gained great popularity in recent years, as it helps scientists to "cut and paste" DNA, remove unwanted genes and replace them with suitable DNA fragments. This is not the first time in this technology Edit human embryo jeansBut this has never been planted in the mother's womb to take pregnancy over to the term. If true, it is believed that it is a leading, but An extremely irresponsible pioneer, Because its research is ahead of all the guidelines proposed Scientists international community. It is considered to be real, because the only contributing data in this context is that Short explanation video And the registration document of the clinical trial, whose data is now beginning.

So, more than hundred Chinese scientists and officials They have met to publish an open letter in which they say what their comrades have done Reckless, Which damages Reputation from your country's biomedical community. As part of it, an investigation has already been launched, with the purpose of finding it all Irregularity This is done during "experiment" that, if true, the lives of two innocent girls are endangered, whose journey into this world has just started.

Chinese community discomfort

Scientists who sign this letter deserve their investigation as dangerous and unjust

Yesterday the news favored many people to be normal with this Irresponsibility of Chinese scientists. A little over a month ago, we knew about the announcement of a Chinese scientist who was planning to start In 2020, with all the effects of artificial moon in the sky, light pollution. Now, the second scientist of the same country Claiming that the acquisition of DNA of two children has been doneTaking into consideration Ethical considerations About this The prestige of Asian scientists This decays with every news For that, 120 scientists and officials from all over China In which open letter is written They rate their work as hazardous and unfair And it opposes the results of the rest of the world's reputation. "The Pandora Box Have been exposed, "he warns in the statement." We may still have An overview of hope Close it before it's too late "

Glowing of hope, for clinging China National Health Commission Has started an investigation into the search Irregularities behind the procedure. It is true that this country is not the same Laws on Gene Editing Other than and, in fact, Genetically modified embryo implants are not restricted, In this case. However, keeping this in mind it seems that there are some irregularities. At the moment, research started with, some pieces of structure seem to be Already have fallen by their own weight.

To begin with, University of Southern Science and Technology Is the insured There are no records Along with the research project undertaken by this scientist, he emphasized I was on holiday from FebruarySo, so Your features can not be processed. On the other hand, no members Shenzhen Harmonic Hospital, As seen in the clinical trial registration document responsible for the moral sanction of the experiment, The permit has refused to be behind. It was not done for that Hospital Bioethics Committee has no meeting And, moreover, signatures may have been wrong.

Genuine version
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The dangers of "playing" with jeans

It is clear that one of the main objectives of biomedicine and genetic engineering is to improve the quality of life of people and to bounce soon, to change the DNA of two girls so that in future they may face disease like disease. AIDS should be a very good news. However, Modify Jeans There is a cost without fully controlling what is done, which does not pay only to the researchers, because the main is the affected human whose genetic material is modified.

In the case of newborn twins and to prove it in the absence of evidence, it is likely to be a case Mosaicism, Which has body cells Various genetic compositions. This is explained by a researcher at the National Biotechnology Center Luis Montoli In an interview for El Pais, it can produce that they will develop in a few years An Automated Disease, In which the person's immune system Attack your own cells, To identify them as strange. He has shown dissatisfaction with the news with microbiologist and microbialist Francis Mozko. The inventor of CRRSP sequences, Which will later encourage the famous genetic editing technology.

This and many experts from around the world agree that what has happened is very close Eugenics, Because a disease is not being cured, but being created "Separate" humans For others. At this point, establishing limitations is very complicated, so you can be something that is open Scientific films such as Gitaka, In which people enjoy "great social marginalization" were not created "on demand".

Maybe tomorrow we will know He gave his opinion of GiankiyiBecause of his interference Second International Summit on Human Genome Edition, Which are celebrated in Hong Kong these days. Then there will be more data to know whether he actually opened or not Pandora Box. If so, the World Scientific Community will have to collect it to re-climb all its forces.

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