Monday , October 18 2021

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Hong Kong Un iThe nvestigador chino is a laser in a process that infects the glycemic infections of the gene and causes it to be resistant to the virus., which is an integral part of the Criticism The acto "peligroso" and "irresponsable".

He Jiankui, professor of the University of Shenzhen, in China, Due to a video that has been unmented in YouTube, it has been published in a small number of years. ADN fue modifies to other sources such as the virus. Precisó que el padre es seropositivo

El investigador, formado en Stanford en Estados Unidos and is engaged in a laboratory specialization in Shenzhen, explicó haber empleado la técnica Crispr-Cas9, llamada "tijeras genéticas", that is permite The quotes and rejections are not partially deleted, como to coral a una falta en un ordenador

Los bebes, llamados "lula" and "nana", nacieron por fecundación in vitro in a modified version of the collapse of the implant in the capital of La Madre.

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