Tuesday , August 3 2021

Conmebol shows Lega MX

Next December 3 will know if the Mexican club returns to Copa Libertadores.

South African Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) chairman Alexandr Dominguez said in recent days: "Copa is the subject of the desires and order calendars of Mexican clubs in Libertadores. Mexico, I think I will win a lot with Libertadores."

On the same day it was announced that it will hold a meeting with the owners of Ascussion, Paraguay, Lega MX and Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to discuss the possible return to the Connabault group.

Yesterday, Dominguez made it clear: "We will receive them on December 3. We are open to listen to them" and broadcast the reasons why he left Mexico Copa Libertadores two years ago.

"Conglabel pleaded everything that League had requested. The first proposal was that Conbabal simply did not believe them to be the full partners, but Libertadores could win, play in the final, including the finals, including the finals and a city in Mexico. Maybe, we are going to expand Quasas to three to five, unfortunately it was the first refusal.

"Now in the context of Copa América, conversation with Enrique Branilla with the Mexican League and Yon de Luisa is pending. Kota has been covered, then we should see," said President in an interview for the newspaper Brand.

According to Domingues, Mexico did not know how to take advantage of the benefits of changes in Libertadores, and had to make a lot of money.

"When I took office, the income for the Copa Libertadores, Sudamericana and Recopa was an average income of $ 150 million. During the administration of my administration, the process of selling the same television and marketing rights was done by the agencies, we have an agency that has won the bid today and the next For four years, the minimum guarantees of one thousand 400 million dollars. Three competitions, 150 were there before, next Rsathi will be 350; a little more without Mexican clubs, "he concluded.


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