Sunday , March 7 2021

Conservatives and Conservatives

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Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lupus Oberador will hold discussions with 10 top priority programs on November 24 and 25. He was responding to the conservative leaders of the orthodoxy that all the measures of the next government should be discussed.

"Our anti-ubiquitous and orthodox people are calling me to ask me and ask me about the airport, we can only use this system, they are not suitable for all, he said.

Lopez O'Brador criticized a video to ask users of "blessed social networks" who support the call campaign. After the airport consultation, the question of whether to ask a question in the Mayan train is "the question of the fifth newspaper.

"Well, yes, the Mayan train, the tach Bocas, the refinery in Tabasco, Tehahantek Ishmas," he said.

Lupus Oberador made it clear that he would keep the decisions he made to the people.

"We do not want a train in Maya, we do not want refineries or not to support young people because it's not popular," said the majority, democracy and people's rule, "he said.

He admitted that he was impartial for this suggestion. He will defend these projects in this case, because they advised them to campaign.

Just before the second citizen can not agree to make mistakes, the next President spokeswoman Juice Ramirez Quouwas has introduced Billboards for this exercise, where they accept the population in which they will accept 10 priority applications.

In a conference, consultation on the president of the Rosenblue Foundation, Enrique Calderon and Ramirez Quayasus, 10 priority projects will be considered 10 million 800. This will come out of the pocket of federal and local lockers. Over one million participants.

This second civil case will set up a total of 102 square feet, where people can attend and concentrate on the south-east because they think about the transport project in that area.

At this point, there will be 10 questions in the same ballot, only one person in the airport consultation in Texas is in charge.

There are 10 questions with options to answer "yes" or "no" that match the application of priority applications. Each one has a short description: the Mayan train; Develop a refinery construction in Tabasco; It sows 1 million hectares of fruit and timber; Double pension increase Grant scholarships and vocational training to 2.6 million youngsters. Scholarships for all students in public high schools; Pension for lakhs of people with disabilities; Ensure medical services and medicines for those who do not provide free internet coverage across the country.

Juice Ramirez Qwans said that the Gentian Violet is now being put on the fingers of the participants and the need for double-voting-like Internet connection.

Enrique Calderon's president of the Rosenblüth Foundation announced the end of the vote on November 26 by citizens.

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