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Do not enjoy shiny wine

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Mexico City is often associated with shining wines of great celebrations. However, it is better for them to enjoy anytime. In shiny pests, champagne is famous, but the poet, proseco, francocorta and crystandal dishes are different. Learn about its product, its characteristics and the best way to enjoy each of them.

Brown wine bubbles and carbon dioxide should also pass through one or two steps. The big difference between their name and the name they adopted is the area they produce. For some, it is a way to change the weather, climate, grapes, and methods.

According to the study conducted by 2017, Eli Observatory Español del Mercado del Vino reported that in 2017, petrol is projected to be 203 million liters, or 273 million bottles. It is estimated that 117 million liters have been recovered in second place. It's 156 million bottles. Thirdly, Shampield is equal to 112 million liters and 149 million bottles.
-Pampain, French pride

We describe shang, similar to faux bunches, fine taste and festivals. Origins, history, and method of production make a unique drink.

Because the famous Champunius method was discovered, the monk dictator Pierre Piergnon was associated with his works. "In order to be called Shamppein, it must be made in Shantangen, in France, and in the areas authorized by the Apellation D & # 39; Origine Controlee, followed by the rules established by the Council, the First Act with the Compensation method, the double mixture, the second in the tank and the second in the Bottle.

It should be prepared using Pinot Noir, Pinot Menager and Kardana Grape. The wine offers Blanc d Blanks containing white grapes, Blank de നോയറുകൾ, and red grapes. "Said Somalil Gabriel Liners.

The average temperature for serving a shang is between 11 and 13 degrees. Costs on all brilliant drugs depend on wine mash and dependence. However, the price of alcohol is priced between $ 550.00 to $ 5,000.00. Of course, there are bottles between $ 10,000.00 and $ 15,000.00. Some fruits have been raised.

Kava, great Spanish

From Catalonia, originals appear to be widespread in the original poets, Mawbio, Xerol, Lau, Malvasi, Gararna Tinta, Monastra and Parallel. It has been done according to traditional or chamominos, its bubbles are medium or slightly trendy.

"It's a sweet and fragrant, usually greenish-yellow, between seven and 10 degrees, and their price ranges between $ 20000 and £ 4,500.00," said the expert.

Procco, Italian Pumper

Procko made from Glera grapes, Veneto, Fruie polynesia from Gulia and North west Italy. There are nine provinces in its description.

Unlike the shampield and poets, this bottle is passing through a bottle of water, but the second fermentation does not pass through bottles, but stainless steel tanks run, more rapid processes, and therefore more industrial.

"It stands out for its floral fragrances, in taste it shows more fragrances and fruits, and its bubbles can range from medium to high up to six to twelve degrees, and its price ranges from $ 150.00 to $ 800.00", Gabriel Linores Ice.

Shining in Mexico

The Somalians believed that Mexico still does not have much culture of shiny wine boiling, and only removal from Sligma with the celebration. The main customers in Mexico are between 35 and 40 years old.

Generally it is believed to be expensive and unacceptable. In fact, we will find some of the highest prices, but there will be some very high quality and high quality.

One of the biggest advantages of these drugs is that they are very easy with them, and all of their bottles agree with almost all the resources. If you do not know who you are eating the next time, ask for a strange winery that will surprise you, "Somalia said.

Ignacio Jacks, owner of Bredas Jacques in Mexico, says: Consumption is 2.5 percent. Red 80% white and white is 17.5% white.

Similarly, approximately two and a half million bottles are sold in our country.

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