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Fitness 20 Analysis for Pro: Prices and Performance


Huawei Mate 200 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro brings out many sleeves to their sleeve, giving you better performance and a lot of surprises with camera and better quality.

To know our opinions Design, multimedia, values ​​added, Equipment, etc. See the first section of this review:

Analysis of fitness 20 Pro: the best smartphone of the year?


Huawei Mate 20 Pro Data Sheet

Huawei Mate 20 PRO
Screen 1,440 x 3,120 pixels (539 ppi) with a 6.3-inch AMOLED 19.5: 9 resolution
PROCESSOR Kirin 980 7 Nm
2 x Cortex A 76 2.6 GHz + 2 x Cortex A76 1.92 GHz + 4x Cortex A55 1.8 GHz
GPU Mali-G76
Internal STORAGE 128 GB (expanded via NM Card)
Rear camera Lika Varieo-Summilex Optics
Main Camera (Corner): 40 megapixel rear sensor, aperture f / 1.8
Wide angle camera: 20 megapixel sensor, aperture f / 2.2
Telephoto Camera: 8 megapixel sensor, aperture f / 2.4
Previous chamber Lika Varieo-Summilex Optics
24 megapixel sensor with aperture f / 2.0
Battery 4.200 MAH, Fast Charge,
Wireless charging, reverse wireless charging support
Connection LTE Cat21, Wifi AC, NFC. BT 5.0, USB Type-C, Desktop mode
SOFTWARE Android 9+ EMUI 9.0
Others IP68, fingerprint reader on screen, 3D face ID
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6 mm, 190 grams
PRICE $ 20,999 Mexican Peso

In the months prior to the launch, we stopped using the benchmarks, which compared the software that was equipped with the device's performance. After analyzing all types of mobile phones over 23 years, we make sure that the most important thing is user experience. EThe Kite 980 processor includes the Mar 20 Pro, the double NPU and the 6GB RAM; This is an indispensable expression, no matter what kind of use you give.

This Huawei's top smartphone, Huawei's Octavor Star Processor Kirin 980 (2 x Cortex A76 2.6 GHz + 2 x Cortex A76 1.92 GHz + 4x Cortex A55 1.8 GHz) is included in the latest version. The double NPU (neuron processing unit, the abbreviation in English for its translation) is different. It will look good on the manufacturer's overall performance performance.

Within weeks, we've been working hard on the ever-increasing use of social networks, multiplayer mode, Livestreaming, and Settera video games. All in one day.

As we stopped the device and did not pay any application, the Mate 20 Pro device worked just as much as it did on most background apps running in the background. Yes, yes.

The phone brings better performance. It is better that your smartphone is your colleague (that is why it can be called "companion" to translate it in English). Where your best performance is of great importance is the day.

For example, you're editing a video you want to send Skype to another application while following the Kabiele's application. Smartphone's performance is crucial.

In this case, the team has provided us with the best performance every time we interact with the applications. There was a delay when going from one application to another.

This happened with the latest generation of multiplayer online games. We played a lot of shooter-time games. We tested the game without any limits, which was for predictive animations.

The game does not require an incompatible response speed (and then a racing car game) to enjoy the full. After a good time to play without interruption, we did not notice any kind of "log" blocking from playing correctly. When we interacted with that game Ingraham app.

In a few words.

Based on usage experience, the MET 20 Pro performance is practically unexpected. Applicable for users who want the most useful applications without regard to productivity, social networks, and entertainment.

Note the improvement of the Kirin processor AI, the better the NPUs and the performance performance and the battery performance.


Huawei has made the trend of using a triple camera in smartphones. The Metered 20 Pro (like the P20 Pro) is a triple camera system. The triangle of the cameras is quite unusual.

Camera specifications

Autofocus supports 40 MP (color) + 20 MP (color) + 8 MP (color), Diaphrag Aperture F / 1.8 + F 2.2 + F2 (Stay focus, step focus, precise approach)

Front camera:

24MP (Color), Diaphrag Aperture F / 2.0

In the film there are 20 different images of 20 pro. In some cases photography modes do not exist. Huwei can already start with the tools we have learned:

Opens: Famous box result with no focus on background.
Night: The best night time drink at the moment (we know).
Portrait: Famous camera is a popular beauty mode that draws some filters and face to face.

Photo: Here we can use HDR mode photos and photos with movement.
Video: Filters for video are also active in sound mode.

We can change anything in the professional's mind.

Highlights: slow lens, panoramic, monochromatic, 3D chmokis, 3D panorama, underwater, etc. AR lens.

It does not notice the Hvivision function is integrated, it can scan the QR codes, translate the captured books with the camera, identify the objects, buy a set object or search if necessary

Following the overwhelming list of Mato 20 Pro programs, we see the most recent dislikes of both: Super Macro Function Super macro function that allows you to take pictures from the pictures in the shortest possible distance to capture the very small details. There are very few premium tools available at this event.

In addition, we highlight the telephoto function that allows you to zoom up to 10x. It is not rare in premium smartphones, and in the case of May 20 this is no doubt the best telephoto (zoom) in a smartphone. Yes, the best feature of the 2018 smartphone, and the same manufacturer P20 process.

In a few words.

These smartphones' cameras are definitely the most complete of these smartphones in 2018. Referring to telephoto, super macro, artificial intelligence, seat recognition, night mode, aperture, wide angle, digital monochromatic, and water shots; Mate 20 Pro is a suitable Swiss Army knife.

When it is enough, each action works best. That is disappointing.

If we have the best smartphones in 2018, it will be exactly the same.

Recommendation of PC World Mexico

Passport issued by a 21,000 dollar to a smartphone is not easy for most consumers. However, if you're likely to buy a phone in this price range, at least promptly promote 20 Pro. There are more tools than reasonable prices with all the functions.

One thing to note is that the next few opponents are Note 9, and the best purchase is Mexico's $ 25,000. There are only two main cameras and a 4000 mAh battery.

In Mexico, LG V35 is priced at $ 22,000 and has a 3 lbs camera. Very low battery (3300 mAh). Both of them (we know) are fast loaded like Huawei.

By comparison, we resume the 2018 Pro with the best option in 2018.

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