Friday , September 17 2021

Fork in tor Story 4

A dramatic face, a strange forequet with different sized eyes. His name is Ford. Long waist is one of the first films of the animated film Disney Dixie Paxar Saga's fourth storyline Toy Story Guild. , It still takes a year to reach the halls.

The first stage of the social revolution was revolutionary, which has become a global trending topic on Twitter.

In a rather unusual version of the original, Johnny Mitchell is now playing with both sides and all the toys in the sky are playing with the hands.

"Farkie" is immediately compatible with Slanky's dor and Wuddy Hand. "I'm not drawn here!", To that moment, in such a moment, jokingly falling into a perfect image, and forming the characters of the film up to that moment.

The first films of this film were directed by Josh Coiley, Woody, Busy Laythiire, Mr. Potato, Rex, Jessie, Pius X Planet or Boop Martinis.

At the beginning of the toy, "Andy Davis" were toys. But the third goal is to hit a plastic-faced move by the "Boney Anderson" and "Plucky" eyes and pipe cleaner weapons. Because it's not a toy.

Some cinematic images of social networking are a mixture of joy for the film's arrival and the theme of Disney's choice of song.

The classic concept of Mitchell in 1969 is now popular in Love Action (2003) and Hardyriari (2018).

A lightweight version of the original Mitchell describing this first trailer for a US-born June 21 of this year.

History Disney Paxer Trailer Launch, where the third column show will give back toys during the last decade.

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